why waste money on antivirus software?

  powertool 21:16 11 Sep 2003

My Norton anti-virus software license is up for renewal and it occured to me that since I use AOL e-mail, which already scans attachments, and since I don't open attachments from strangers, or even odd things from people I know, I don't really get value for money.

I have only had one problem - that was recently with MSBlaster - and that was while I had Norton running [it didn't stop it] but it was easy to get rid of.

So - maybe I am being naive, but I think I will save the subsciption and buy myself a nice bottle of wine or something.

What do you think [ducks for cover ./////>>!!!]

  muppetmark 21:26 11 Sep 2003

Don't bother with spending your dosh but AVG is free as is Avast, both good and reliable.

But keep an antivirus on your system, YOU could infect US. :o)

  -pops- 21:26 11 Sep 2003

There are other sources of viruses besides the Internet and email. For many years the main virus transmission was by swapping floppy disks between machines.

You are right, though, why waste money on antivirus software? I am not suggesting that you should not have it but there are a number of very effective free programs available to do the job.

Install a freebie one and still have your bottle of wine (or two).

Be careful to properly remove your old A/V before installing a new one - they will likely conflict.

  Sketch 21:28 11 Sep 2003

You could always reformat your computer, and regain the same years subscription benefits at no extra cost.

I found that out due to a virus that.... well..... won.

I put my Norton back on and got myself an extra six monthes. Which was certainly a nice welcome back present for me! :o)

Of course, it is a tad extreme. :o)


  mikef. 21:29 11 Sep 2003

Well at least you'll have something to drink whilst your computer isn't working, it's not just emails that can infect your system, a site may be infected and going to that site will infect you as well.

You say you got infected by msblaster that means your M$ critical updates weren't up to date and probaby Norton as both would have blocked this if they had been kept up to date.

  Sketch 21:29 11 Sep 2003

Just a tad!!!!


  Ping Pong 21:41 11 Sep 2003

Norton charge about £20 for a further years subscription. I think this price is reasonable when you consider the time and effort that could be spent if a virus does wipe your HD.
Fair enough the chances of this happenning are rare but why take the risk. All for 40pence per week????????

  palinka 21:44 11 Sep 2003

but it's even less than 40p a week if you use AVG!

  Sketch 21:46 11 Sep 2003

I think the general consensus here is:

'Don't be a fool, Powertool.'




  Ironman556 22:04 11 Sep 2003

and going with AVG free from click here.

  Rtus 22:23 11 Sep 2003

you in advertising ???


Generally Im all for saving money but do remember Not updating your Av is the quickest way of Losing your system files & maybe some Money too , However I dont mind being called out to put it right. Actually its amazing how many PC users think If they install Norton ( or any other brand ) that they are fully protected..They soon get educated with the innocent floppy from school/office routine. I use AVG free ,Yes its because She has a padlock on her purse..And im too tight to own a wallet ..

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