why use win 95?

  ????? ?? ? ?????? 12:38 30 Jul 2003

just a question out of interset really. Why do some people still use win 95? It was after all nearly 8 years ago now. and with other os's being far better just wondering why some people still use it? Alot of people seem to use it as a dual boot with another os, is there a special reason for this? or is it just better the devil you know?

  kortical 12:40 30 Jul 2003

sorry problem with nikname

I use Win95 SR2 on one of my Pc's and Win98SE on another.

They do everything I need, so I see no reason to change.

I most certainly will not use XP as I don't like the direction MS is moving in.

  Xevious 13:05 30 Jul 2003

cos one day it will be a collector's item?

  graham√ 13:37 30 Jul 2003

Can we call you ? for short?

I have just renovated my '95 and re-formatted back to factory condition. I found that an interesting experience that will benefit me in the future. As Xevious suggests, mine is a collectors item now!

  plankton 14:36 30 Jul 2003

Our old machine runs '95 and serves as a trainer for my 4-yr-old, and also runs Office 97 (I'm reluctant to pay money for Office XP, it does no more than '97 that we need). I am considering upgrading to '98, as it's harder to get good new educational games for '95 now. If anyone wants to persuade me not to, then...

  Xevious 14:58 30 Jul 2003

get 98 while you still can!!!

MS don't support it anymore either...so it will also start being a collector's item one day!

maybe think about WinME instead, don't worry what many people say, it's not that bad, all depends how you look after it!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:32 30 Jul 2003

If you are just using a computer for simple word processing there is no reason to upgrade from W95. There is a lot of hype, targetted at the gullible, regarding operating systems.


  Patr100 17:58 30 Jul 2003

The difference between 95 and 98 is mainly full USB compatibility and some "tweakability" of the user interface -eg quick launch from tool bar for most used programs or the "Msconfig" option, If you don't need USB for the time being then it there's no real need to upgrade to 98 or XP until the PC itself goes kaput and you buy a new PC.
There are some other issues such as online banking than may require 98 or 98 or above but for most office tasks and surfing it is adequate.

  woodchip 18:10 30 Jul 2003

That's about the only benefit USB, I am with GANDALF <|:-)> on this one

  wee eddie 19:56 30 Jul 2003

'95 is perfectly adequate for all normal, day to day, office requirements.

It supports long (Normal) file names: what else do you need?

Now if you are going to Surf, play Games, give fancy presentations on other peoples equipment you'll need to spend money, but otherwise it'll do the trick.

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