Why is TFT at its worst in native resolution?

  Dae 21:41 05 Sep 2003

A current magazine review of a 19inch TFT screen (ViewSonic VP191) reports that the screen is ?slightly fuzzy and unfocused? at its native resolution (1280 x 1024). But is ?smooth and precise at 1024 x 768 and below?.

Does anyone know how this could happen? All the theory I have read so far about TFT screens goes to show why the opposite should be the case, i.e. the picture should be best at the native resolution. What could be happening when the native resolution picture is the screen?s worst, not best?

  Djohn 23:26 05 Sep 2003

Interesting question, don't have the answer but maybe one of the forum members will know. j.

  Dae 00:06 06 Sep 2003

Sorry, but the quotation marks in my original message have appeared on screen as question marks.

Where the message says Slightly fuzzy and unfocused, this is a direct quotation, as is the bit that says Smooth and precise at 1024 x 768 and below.


  anchor 08:29 06 Sep 2003

Yes, I also read that, and was puzzled.

Hopefully, there is an "expert" out there who can provide an answer.

  Rayuk 09:15 06 Sep 2003

May just be this model,and so one to keep away from.

  wee eddie 23:23 06 Sep 2003

Yes, I also read that, and was puzzled.

I assumed that the reviewer was a Guardian Reader, it not only makes little sense but is illogical.

  Djohn 23:28 06 Sep 2003

It may be a mistype in the Magazine. Give them a phone call or e-mail to ask. It might have meant to be.

Smooth and precise at 1280x1024 but slightly fuzzy and unfocused at 1024 x 768 and below?.

  Dae 00:10 07 Sep 2003

For information, I did email the magazine some days before posting my message, but there has been no reply from the magazine.

The TFT in question is one now being supplied by Evesham bundled with some of its computers, and I was wondering about buying - hence my efforts to get some more information.


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