why so many adverts on the site

  awest3 16:34 08 Feb 2018

I know you have to make money to enable you to provide us with a fantastic free service but I sometimes cant see the screen for the amount of adverts. The video box on the right is a particular pain as it restarts after each page change, using valuable internet resources...any chance they can be toned down a bit please.

  Govan1x 12:57 09 Feb 2018

[any chance they can be toned down a bit please.]

Have to agree with you. Makes you wonder how many more adds and videos they can put on here before it gets to bursting point.

PCA is not going to change as they need the adds for revenue. So the only other way is for you to change the way your computer reacts to the adds by downloading appropriate tools to stop them from running.

Or just put up with it the choice is yours.

  awest3 13:00 09 Feb 2018

Thanks for this, I've tried downloading various tools purporting to curtailing these ads in some way but I fine that some just don't work and others slow my machine too much.

  Govan1x 16:05 09 Feb 2018

I suppose it depends what Browser you use. If IE or Edge I am not sure what you can use on those. If Chrome or Firefox you can use Adblock Plus but you have to play about with it to get the settings correct.

Best waiting to see if you can get better advice from others.

  wee eddie 16:47 09 Feb 2018

I am running Edge with the Adblock Plus for IE, Extension. ABP

  compumac 17:45 09 Feb 2018

I also use Adblock with Edge

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:34 09 Feb 2018

Ghostery and ADblock make a good combination you can also adlust settings to allow some unintrusive ads

  Aitchbee 22:02 14 Feb 2018

I've been getting miscellaneous IDG.tv video clips on RHS of screen tonight ... it's like swatting gnats trying to close 'em down!

  aquatarkus 22:37 14 Feb 2018

While i agree that the site does need some advertising to pay for the upkeep of the site, its starting to get a bit ridiculous now. How may people actually click on the ads, very, very few i would imagine. In the end the adverts will simply drive people away which will then make the advertisers wonder if its worth advertising and if the advertisers pull their ads then no more web site. A balance on the number and relevancy of the ads is required, if it continues with the current number of ads on this web site (and others) then people are simply going to go elsewhere. Me i Use edge with ABP and Ghostery. And while were on a rant PLEASE GET RID OF THE STUPID TECH ADVISOR POLLS ON THE BOTTOM OF EVERY PAGE Regards KeithW

  BT 09:04 15 Feb 2018

My ABP is blocking 42 Ads on this page at the moment. Doesn't stop the Video which has to be clicked off every time.

As aquatarkussays very few people rarely actually actively click on ads.

  Aitchbee 11:50 15 Feb 2018

Doesn't stop the Video which has to be clicked off every time.

I've noticed that if one enables sound on these short, but resource-hungry, repeat IDG.tv video clips and then clicks on the close X button to get rid of the video, the sound component still continues on playing to the end of the clip. I've wasted about 100mb of broadband in the past half-hour.

Not good.

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