Why is Sky picture bad on tv card

  [DELETED] 21:10 29 Oct 2003

I have a Winfast TV2000 XP tv card on my pc. I've tried to run a cable from the back of a Grundig Sky Digibox to the back of the tv card. The cable goes from the 2nd television port on the digibox. Once tuned in the normal tv stations BBC and ITV are perfect but sky is all fussy. Any idea's on how to over come this. My pc details follow.

Intel Pentium 4 2.66Ghz
512MB PC2700 DDR Ram
120GB 7200RPM HD
Ge Force FX 5200 128MB TV Out DVI
Pioneer 106 DVD-r
Samsung 52X cd-r
Creative Soundblaster 5.1 Live
Winfast TV2000 XP TV Card
Windows XP SP1


Also I've seen an LCD tv that has PC capabilities will I be able to connect this to a s-video and get the picture off that or any other way.

  [DELETED] 22:58 31 Oct 2003

Did you try [email protected] suggestion - this seems the most likely answer to me - that you have interference being picked up on RF Ch 68 - so you should retune until you find a frequency with no interference.

There is no way that the "power solution" could have made any difference.

  [DELETED] 01:18 01 Nov 2003

put in "mp" for reference

  [DELETED] 09:31 01 Nov 2003

Connect your tele with a scart lead and put cable to pc in first outlet on sky box, works fine in Spain with an ati card....;-)

  graham√ 10:12 01 Nov 2003

As above, re-tune the digi box. Also keep the co-ax cable away from any mains cables.

  [DELETED] 15:16 01 Nov 2003

Just to re-iterate why the answer is to retune the output frequency of the Digibox.

All you "sky" channels have interference - beacause all the programmes from the Digibox come down the cable on the same frequency (the one you need to change) - thus they all get the same interference.

You say your BBC and ITV programmes are fne - thus your cable itself must be fine, and it proves there are frequencies (the ones for ITV and BBC at the very least) at which there is no interference.

Changing which output you use on the Digibox affects nothing. Follow [email protected] procedure, and take note of my suggestion as to how to make it a little easier to do.

So the task is simply to find another frequency which is interference free which your Digibox can work on. Do this as per

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