Why pay lots for a domain.when you can have cheap?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:34 27 Feb 2005

Most people when they buy web hosting they buy a domain from the same company.

But some hosts charge £10 + for there .uk domain

Who would wan't to pay that when you could buy a domain from 1and1 and use the DNS to point at the site for only £1.99

There is no difference but you can get it cheaper

So why not register your domain elsewhere?

  Taran 19:20 27 Feb 2005

I doubt that 1&1 will continue this indefinitely, although I hope they do for the sake of anyone wanting inexpensive domain registration.

As a business you can only sell under cost (at a loss) as long as other revenue makes up the differential.

In plain English, 1&1 offer cheap domain registration because they rely on the revenue (and resulting profit) brought in by people buying web hosting accounts with them.

If nobody arranged hosting through 1&1 they'd be charging the same or thereabouts as anyone else.

Many people also shop for the sake of convenience. I've done it myself, where a domain was registered and a hosting account for it wastagged on almost as an afterthought.

I also imagine that comparatively few people even know about or want to get involved in DNS settings and adjusting them.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 19:32 27 Feb 2005

"I also imagine that comparatively few people even know about or want to get involved in DNS settings and adjusting them."

I am 14 i guessed my way through it all.

I registered my domain using 1and1 a few months later i bought (non-working hosting) from our freind "Tony".you helped me through that i didn't know what i was doing wrong,it turned out that i was doing nothing wrong.

I am on webmania and it works just as i would of expected 'Tony's' webhoasting should have.

Setup was very easy during domain registration and webhosting on webmania was also very easy and swift.

My account still exists on tonys hosting,but there company has gone out of bizniz.LOL.

Thanks for the help.

  Taran 20:06 27 Feb 2005

I am not surprised Tony and his attempt at hosting went to the big server in the sky.

It's good to know that you got sorted out with WebMania though, especialy after your troubles with Tony.

DNS is one of those things that people tend to either not know about or steer well away from, out of fear based on ignorance of the unknown.

Your solution can work well and help keep costs down.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:29 27 Feb 2005

I was thinking of buying a virtual private server

click here

They look quite good,but its wierd how the disk space is equal to the bandwidth?

I am looking at 10gb one at only £9.99.

What do you think?


  Taran 18:52 28 Feb 2005

I think I'd be very wary in the first place and I also think I'd be asking you why you want to go for somthing like that at all.

Big numbered bandwidth and disk space is a selling pitch - no host ever thinks you will use it and if you did you'd scare the pants of them and probably find yourself falling foul of small print about heavy users.

I'm curious why you want to go for a £10 (ish) per month contract when the cost of hosting was such an issue previously.

I'm even more curious about what you plan to use all that bandwidth and space for. If you have a use for it fair enough, but I am always of the opinion that you should pay for what you need, which is often very different to what you want.

I have no direct experience of the company and so cannot really say one way or another.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:18 28 Feb 2005

What are you so curious about the bandwidth for?

I shall not do movie distribution or anything like that.i am worried about the bandwidth being used up.

"but I am always of the opinion that you should pay for what you need"

I agree! a price plan where it costs something like £.005 per MB would be a great plan.

Reselling sounds like fun,so i may go with heartinternet with a few freinds,and even if we don't resell we always have unlimited B/W and disk space for ourselves.

If i divide this reseller between 6 of my freinds that is only £6 a month.

BUT as you have probly guessed i like cheap stuff that a 14 year old can afford :-)

  Taran 21:34 28 Feb 2005

No, I wasn't trying to intimate that you would be filesharing.

I'm an old fashioned soul in many respects, so if I need a 10GB per month bandwidth that's what I go for. If I don't need it, having it available is pointless and I'd rather pay for quality over quantity every time.

Reselling is another issue entirely. Remember your experience with Tony ? He was attempting to resell and look what happened between him and you. You really have to know a bit about the subject before charging off and setting up reselling host accounts. It is very, very easy to completely mess things up, but I agree that it can be cost effective if several people share the load.

Good hosting costs about as much per month as you are considering for one domain, and it is worth paying for. A good host will help you whether the mess you are in is their fault (unlikely) or your fault. Their service will be entirely reliable and will be worth every penny you pay.

I've done everything from run my own web servers and running college network and web servers through to reselling and owning individual hosting accounts with various companies and these days I am only too happy to guide clients to excellent service from a small and reputable host.

You may well find that as a reseller your support is limited to online documentation (help files) and possibly a ticket system, where you open a concern and wait your turn to have someone take a look at things for you. It will be largely down to you to keep all user accounts and domains in good working order, assigning various options to each account and so on.

There is a lot more to this than you may have first considered. Nothing is impossible but it helps to know a bit about web servers, how they work and how file/folder permissions affect web performance and so on.

The short version of the above is think carefully and don't go jumping in blind. Reselling is not all it is cracked up to be.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:42 01 Mar 2005

The webmania website is down

and it has bought my site down with it!.lol

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