why partition?

  Superstylin 00:07 24 Aug 2005

hi there, i'm anout to receive a new laptop and am wanting to use best practice in beginning my experience with it. i've done a bit of research into ntfs and had positive outcomes but i'm wondering about partitioning now. what i'm wondering is why do it? what are the advantages and disadvantages.

btw my hdd will be 60gb

  woodchip 00:19 24 Aug 2005

advantage, you can create a Image of your C:\ drive when it's working save to other partition, and copy to a DVD then come hell and high water you can be up and running in about 15 minutes if you have problems with C:\drive back to the time you created a Image. I use Acronis True Image. Plus there are other advantages

  Superstylin 00:21 24 Aug 2005

and you need to partition to be able to create this dvd? you can't just make a straight copy to dvd?

  woodchip 00:28 24 Aug 2005

On some yes, but I find it better and safer to use a separate partition. I leave the Image on the partition and have a backup on a External drive, or you can use a DVDrw drive. It's also quicker to reload the Image from a Hard drive

  AndySD 07:09 24 Aug 2005

I tend to move My Documents to another partition also the Windows Paging File and put all my updates there also. So I dont need to worry about losing Data if reinstalling XP,

  Diemmess 08:56 24 Aug 2005

If you have only one HD give it 2 partitions.

C: is then the working system partition and D: is the place to keep a current image of C: as well as all your data.

When the working system fouls up, like woodchip you can restore the whole bang shoot in minutes.

Belt and braces (if/when the HD fails) is to have a copy of D: on another (external) HD or DVD.

  keith-236785 12:45 24 Aug 2005

if you split the drive into two, save all important items to drive d and if you need to format drive c then you wont lose any imprtant stuff. as alread said, take a backup of drive d as well because in the case of a total hard drive failure all data will be lost.

this just dittos everyone elses advice.

  Superstylin 23:12 24 Aug 2005

cheers for the info, it's much appreciated.

i think ican resolve this now!

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