why only 3gig memory?

  Jaynedoe 13:35 17 Jun 2010

Hi Lads
me again. My ne puter build is working fine now but can anyone tell me why the 'properties' in my computer shows only 3.2gig ram when I have 4 gig installed? Win xp pro. Office 2007. Phenom quad prcessor 4 gig ddr2 ram. Thanks

  rdave13 13:47 17 Jun 2010

If 32 bit OS then have a look here; click here

  DieSse 13:49 17 Jun 2010

32-bit Windows only has the capability of addressing 4GB worth of addresses. Since some of those are used by your hardware, the addresses become unavailable to use for addressing RAM.

Some motherboards also have a similar restriction, meaning that on them, the addresses won't be available even with 64-bit windows versions. These cases are rare.

Also if you have a "built-in" graphics chip - this may use some system RAM for graphics use - making it unavailable for general use.

  Jaynedoe 14:38 17 Jun 2010

thanks lads. Read it--don't pretend to understand it though but have taken from it that 3.2 is normal and I have to live with it.
Thanks again.

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