Why no youtube sound suddenly?

  tornadoted 14:06 30 Dec 2013

Hi, drifted here after exhausting advice from my usual general forums.

dork, (almost), so any advice in clear steps please.

As per title, we have no sound on youtube videos. All sound work, cd's play, and can watch a here sky news etc.

New problem, all has been fine, just think maybe 1 of the grand kids has flicked something off by accident.

All sound setting are mid level, youtube not muted or anything simple like that.

Latest version of flash player updated etc and put through Microsoft Fixit, (my usual 1st fix).

Any ideas please?

PS Ist post, and thank goodness for forums such as this

  Graphicool1 14:58 30 Dec 2013

Hi tornadoted

Have you tried doing a 'System Restore' to before you lost your YouTube soungd?

  Secret-Squirrel 14:59 30 Dec 2013

If you're running Windows Vista. 7, or 8, then with a YouTube video playing, right-click the volume icon (bottom-right near the clock) and choose "Open Volume Mixer". Make sure that the levels for your browser and Adobe Flash (if listed) aren't too low.

If you've already tried that then please post the links for those forums you exhausted to prevent anyone's time being wasted by repeating stuff you've already tried.

  lotvic 16:43 30 Dec 2013

This might be what happened: Flash update leaves the Flash player with the volume slider turned all the way down. It is unmuted but you don't see the volume slider unless you hover over the mute icon.

  tornadoted 19:39 30 Dec 2013

It's windows 7, should have said. A system restore?, unsure how I would do that??

Flash player volume slider turned to min?, do you mean hover over the mute on youtube????

Told you I wasn't supersmart with this stuff

  lotvic 21:11 30 Dec 2013

"do you mean hover over the mute on youtube?"

yes the mute, speaker icon 2nd in at bottom on youtube

  tornadoted 08:36 31 Dec 2013

No, all volume sliders are at max or less if I set them lower, still no audio, Have set youtube quality to highest, lowest and everywhere inbetween, with no result.

I'm going to run fixit again, it did give some registration corruption which it fixed when I ran it.

Sorry secret squirrel, I don't like linking different usernames together on forums, easy meat for internet trolls, hope you understand, and don't for a 2nd think I mean you but some folks get a kick out of pasting links to totally unrelated threads. (Hope I've explained that correctly).

Still, any further ideas would be great.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:04 31 Dec 2013

Is it just YouTube that's affected or all Flash videos?

  tornadoted 09:06 31 Dec 2013

Ok, just run Fixit and it started by detecting Pegasus Picvideo in it's sweep??, is this good or bad?

Anyway the sweep picked up the following issues;

Windows Media player library..............not fixed

Scripting registration corrupt............fixed

Reset windows media player................fixed

Settings for Windows media network streaming corrupt........................fixed.

This is actually the same result as I got a few days ago when doing the same, but it seems the fixes didn't stay fixed.

  tornadoted 13:03 31 Dec 2013

Question from elsewhere;

I had a similar problem with youtube using Google Chrome. There are any number of comments concerning this on various forums. In the end rather than wasting time I now use IE for youtube and have no problem so perhaps worth checking if it is browser related.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, yes I got a similar reply in my own search, but I am already using IE as my default browser.

The interesting thing here is that this problem has cropped up over about 4 or 5 years and there doesn't appear to be a common fix.

I have today shut down and removed in 1 case all my security and tried after each change, No difference so now all reinstated.

  tornadoted 16:06 31 Dec 2013

Success at last, got a techie forum flummoxed,

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