Why is my wireless signal so low - going insane

  mikeJS 11:28 16 Sep 2006

Im a simple person who thought that it would be easy to set up wireless broadband - allow teh kids to use main PC at same time as Im using my laptop in peace in someother room.

Ive got a Bt Voyager 2091 router which works fine with the PC (using USB connector) and a Belkin wireless network card on my laptop. I dont use the ethernet cable - presume dont need to.

Everything was set up by instructions followed fine - but the signal from my laptop is always no better than 'low' unless Im in the same room as the router - its low even when Im in the next room !!

What am I doing wrong ?? The router channel is 6 and Ive played about with this with no effect (I presume if I change the channel I dont need to reboot laptop etc).

Am I missing a trick somewhere ?? Help for a simple user please

  ArrGee 13:11 16 Sep 2006

It could be the physical positioning of the router. If it's close to ground level, the signal will drop.

  mikeJS 13:23 16 Sep 2006

The router is simply on a desk - so really should be ok. As i said Im only in the next room on laptop.

  Strawballs 22:23 16 Sep 2006

Is it near other devices that emit radio signal ie cordless phone base.

  mikeJS 10:23 17 Sep 2006

No. The broadband link is through a long extension lead as the phone socket is in the next room - would that be affecting it.

  Superstylin 13:20 17 Sep 2006

the long extension lead would affect the internet connection but not the wireless capability. even without internet connection you can still have wireless connection, they are two seperate things.

do you live in a relatively new house with thinner walls than say an old stone cottage??

  irishrapter 15:19 17 Sep 2006

Move the wireless router to another room and see what signal level you get there.

Forget plugging it into the phone socket for now, you will still be able to connect to the router and see the signal strengh but will not have any internet access of course.

Try it in a few rooms and see what happens.
As stated above it could just be the placing of the router.

  Strawballs 22:57 19 Sep 2006

Are you using the software that came with the Belkin card if so uninstall the software (utility) and just leave the drivers and let windows manage the wireless. You can get a conflict between 3rd party utilities and windows.

  mikeJS 19:44 20 Sep 2006

Thanks for tips - will try at weekend (laptop in office till then). Thx

  josie mayhem 20:19 22 Sep 2006

I have the voyager 2091 and a bilkin card for my laptop and by the sound of it a similar set up to you, using the laptop in another room to the router.

The advice not do use Belkin software, but let xp take care of it, is the best way....

Signal strengh is dependant to where I'm using the laptop, if on the dining room table, I find even though I'm physicaly nearer to the router, signal is low this is due to my very lovely 5ft tropical fish tank, move over the other side of the room and further away from the fish tank and the signal gets very much stronger!

I also have the router ran off a extention lead, but I must admit that actually using the laptop either at the table or sat on the sofer, even with different signal strengh I don't notice any difference while actually using the computer...

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