Why Is My WiFi So Ridiculously Slow?

  Vanch 21:54 19 Jun 2018

I'm currently with Sky and pay for Broadband speeds of up to 52mbps. Unfortunately I am only getting speeds of 0.10mbps though for some reason. Even Google is taking up to 10 minutes to load, which is just ridiculous. It seems even slower than dialup.

I'm using a wireless usb connector to my desktop PC and it is 802.11n. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the slow speeds although the connection is absolutely fine and at full strength.

DL speed - click here USB - click here strength at full - click here

Wireless Signal

  wee eddie 22:46 19 Jun 2018

Anyone else in the house using the Internet?

  Vanch 01:45 20 Jun 2018

They are but not at the same time as me. I did a speed test on my wireless laptop and it came back saying 19mbps but for some reason my desktop says 0.10mbps. Could it be to do with the cheap USB WiFi receiver I'm using?

  canarieslover 09:01 20 Jun 2018

Where is your router in relation to your desktop? What is the construction material of your building? These are things that can seriously affect your WiFi reception. My own desktop only needed to be moved by about 15" to triple my WiFi speed. Can you move your desktop to a different location?

  wee eddie 09:03 20 Jun 2018

I use Homeplugs

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