Why is my Vinyl to Computor recording system not performing correctly?

  BarryFS 00:07 19 Apr 2013

I have the following system set up: Denon DP-30L Turntable/Yamaha RX-500/U Stereo Receiver/Dell Optiplex 755 Computor with Windows XP pro/DJ-Tech RCA-2-USB PnP Audio Device with Software/Magix Audio Cleaning Lab MX Software. When I play an LP the Audio Cleaning Lab software tells me the Audio input is too low. I slide the Audio input volume to maximum record and the screen shows a thin band with peaks and valleys on the screen. The recording level meters show the recording level at about -25/-30db.When I play the result back there is a humming noise which is mixed in the the music. When I clean the recorded track on the Audio Cleaning Lab software it does not totally get rid of the humming sound. I also tried normalizing the recording but got the same result. I also diconnected the Turntable ground wire from the Receiver to cut down on humming. How can I increase the Audio input signal without setting it to maximum volume? Is my Receiver good enough to do the job or do I need to use a phono preamp in its place? Is there anything else I can do to make this function correctly? BarryFS

  wiz-king 07:49 19 Apr 2013

Sounds (pardon the pun) like you need a preamp as the output from your turntable may be low.

  amonra 08:27 19 Apr 2013

You need an audio pre-amp, quite cheap on ebay.

  hastelloy 08:47 19 Apr 2013

I agree a preamp is the answer. If the him is a 50 cycle mains hum, you may need to check that everything is effectively earthed to remove this.

  hastelloy 08:48 19 Apr 2013

I don't know who the him is that's humming! him = hum.

  Ian in Northampton 10:46 19 Apr 2013

In the good old days, amps came with a pre-amp built in precisely because the output from a record deck was so low. Modern amps tend not to have them - so I make the posters who have recommended a pre-amp about right.

  canarieslover 12:53 19 Apr 2013

Looking at the manual for your receiver - RX 500/u manual - it does have an input for the turntable so I should think that there is a pre-amp built in. You need to use a line level output such as the Tape 1 as that should give the correct output levels and is not affected by the volume control. This should be connected to the Line in on your computer. Hope this helps you.

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