Why is my TWEAK disabled

  Windsor 17:31 14 Oct 2003

Although everything appears OK file wise, and it used to work OK, the only response I now get is that Tweak has been disabled by my administrator!

Perhaps I have got an old registry entry that need deleting. How can I solve this please?


  powerless 19:24 14 Oct 2003

What tweak?

  Windsor 09:11 15 Oct 2003

Thanks Powerless.

My TweakUI.
Also in Norton Utilities when I try to look at the registry, it says that there is a problem in the kernel module.

If these are associated, any ideas please.


  The Spires 09:47 15 Oct 2003

If the problem has just appeared & your running XP or ME you could try doing a system restore back a week or so or too the point you know the Pc worked Ok (Do they ever work ok?).

  Windsor 19:36 15 Oct 2003

Thanks, Spires, for your suggestion.

I failed to mention that I use Window 95 SE and have Go Back installed. I have tried going back as far a possible but to no avail. The problem is I don't know when the problem occurred.

Is it associated with my problem with the kernel module. I don't seem to be able to recover it from the Windows CD. Windows help is no help either.


  powerless 19:41 15 Oct 2003

Exact mesage about the kernel please?

  Windsor 22:07 15 Oct 2003

Memory Access violation in module kernel43 at 2454:2248263


  Windsor 22:10 15 Oct 2003

Sorry Powerless- that should be kernel32


  woodchip 22:21 15 Oct 2003

There was no Win95se there was a Win95 and Win95c and b, are you getting mixed up, do you have Win98se

  Windsor 09:08 16 Oct 2003

Sorry Woodchip.
Not one of my best days!
Of course, I meant Windows 98 SE.


  Jester2K II 09:15 16 Oct 2003

click here

Download the zip file from click here

Extract contents and right click the Fix1 file and select Install

Right click Fix2 file and select Merge.

May require a reboot!

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