Why is my Toshiba Laptop not working when charging lead is out???

  Ronald123 20:09 25 Dec 2013

I got a new Toshiba laptop and i connected it to the mains after opening the box and i let it load and i left it for about an hour and when the charger was in it said full but the second i pulled it out it went dead and i pushed he on button and nothing happen. is this a problem on my end or on the Toshiba end? if on my side what can i do to fix this problem?? p.s i have tried all the usual stuff (remove battery that thing) Thanks for reading and i hope you write back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:03 25 Dec 2013

I would leave on for at least 4 hrs to charge the battery regardless of what the indicator shows.

If it still will not run off the battery at that point I would send it back.

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