Why is my Sidewinder steering wheel not connected?

  ramjam69 15:58 09 May 2003

Hi there all, me again. I have a MS Sidewinder pro force feedback wheel. Recently, it didn't work with the racing games I used it on, so I looked in Control Panel only to find that it wasn't connected. However, the force light in it's centre is on and also there is resistance in the movement of the steering, so power must be getting to it. I am running V3.0 of the sidewinder software on an Athlon 1.3ghz, Win ME, Dx 9.0 with 256MB RAM .Can anyone suggest what's wrong/how I can sort it out? Thanks for any assistance,

  eccomputers 23:35 09 May 2003

Look in control panel/system/device manager and see if there is something listed in there with a problem. If its listed with an exclamation mark or question mark, highlight it and click remove and reboot.

  hugh-265156 08:15 10 May 2003

SideWinder Force Feedback Pro, SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel Are Not Detected
The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro
Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel
Microsoft SideWinder game pad
Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro
Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro
Microsoft SideWinder FreeStyle Pro
the operating system: Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

This article was previously published under Q299031
After you install a SideWinder Force Feedback Pro or SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel on a computer with Windows Millennium Edition, the controller may not be detected in the Gaming Options or Game Controllers control panel.
This behavior can occur when an incorrect input/output (I/O) range is assigned for the game controller driver. The correct range for the game controller driver is 0200-0207.
To resolve this issue, follow these steps to correct the I/O range:
Click Start, and then click Shut Down.
Click Restart, click OK, and then press and hold the CTRL key until the Microsoft Windows Startup Menu appears.

On some computers, you can use the F8 key instead of CTRL to bring up the Microsoft Windows Startup Menu.
Enter the number for Safe mode, and then press ENTER.
Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
Double-click System.
On the Device Manager tab, click the plus sign (+) next to Sound, video and game controllers, and then double-click the game controller.
On the Resources tab, click to clear the Use automatic settings check box.
Under Resource type, click Input/Output Range, and then click Change Setting.
In the Value box, type 0200-0207, and then click OK.
Click OK twice.
Click Start, and then click Shut Down.
Click Restart, and then click OK.

  ramjam69 15:52 01 Jun 2003

Nope ,still not working even after doing that. Any more ideas? I have tried it on another system and it worked OK

  myball123 21:50 01 Jun 2003

Have you tried uninstalling the wheel and the software, followed by re-installing the software and wheel? Is your wheel a USB wheel or a game port wheel? If it is a USB wheel then you should upgrade to version 4 of the sidewinder software?

  ramjam69 08:13 04 Jun 2003

Yes I have tried uninstalling the software of the steering wheel and also the driver for my soundcard but that doesn't work. The only way i can get it to be recognised is if i swap my soundcard for another PCI device (I have the gameport model)- the computer re-installs all the drivers - but shortly afterwards I get a blue screen error message and the device is again listed as not connected. I think it says error 6 and gives a couple of locations but I'm not certain (I'll write it down next time).

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