why is my screen shaking?

  mco 18:52 11 Oct 2003

hi everyone - can anyone tell me why my screen occasionally (every couple of days) just gets the shakes? I've a brand new computer but my monitor dates from 1997, my mouse is recent but v cheap and my keyboard's a couple of years old and decent. I run windows 98se and bt broadband (but it'll shake even when I'm not using internet or trying to do too many things at once.) Thanks!

  Al94 19:42 11 Oct 2003

either an earthquake or more likely your monitor is on the way out. Ask Santa for a new TFT.

  BurrWalnut 19:50 11 Oct 2003

If it's not on the "blink" it's because you have a piece of equipment too near to it, e.g. printer, scanner or similar.

Have you rearranged the layout of the equipment since you bought the new PC?

  Djohn 19:55 11 Oct 2003

If the shaking/shimmer of display was constant, then I would also suspect something along the lines of BurrWalnut's suggestion. But seeing that this only happens on occasions and every few days, it could well be the monitor is nearing the end of it's useful life. [6 years] The benefits of a new monitor will be well worth the expense. Regards. j.

  tell 02:47 12 Oct 2003

I know it dont sound right, I had a customer who came with same thing, took weeks to find the problem, then customer bought base into shop minus the mouse, I used one of ours and the problem went away, customer says since fitting new mouse, no longer has the problem, has been using the new one for a month now.

  Simon_P 02:51 12 Oct 2003

very good crisp images,(not as crisp as tft) better and more vibrant colour reproduction.
and will save you a fair few quid.

(Just my oppinion)

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  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 03:01 12 Oct 2003

Could it be the auto degauss function, i know mine does that sometimes.


  spargo 10:51 12 Oct 2003

I have had a similar prob. This was as 'tell' said, due the wheel mouse. Try another mouse as suggested.

  plankton 11:04 12 Oct 2003

I'm surprised no ones asked if you put your mobile phone near it?

  kingkenny 11:36 12 Oct 2003

was just thinking that myself plankton. Yoir mobile phone constantly checks the network its on to tell everyone where it is and this signal can affect monitors and speakers too. I know if my phone is near by my monitor has a wee shimmy now and again.

I really should move my phone....brb....thats me...shimmy free now...:)

  lixdexik 12:09 12 Oct 2003

And have found the cause to be the small light that Have on the desk beside the screen. when it is switched on the picture trembles slightly. Do you have a light near the screen?

Just A thought.


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