Why is my pc so bad???

  rendouzves 20:20 25 Jul 2013

Okay, so a few years ago i decided i needed a new laptop. i am very into pc gaming but don't have the space in my room for a desktop computer. I use an acer aspire 8735g laptop. It was a second hand and pc repair shop. I asked the man what laptop he suggested for gaming, movies etc. He showed me this one and said it was around one thousand pounds brand new (around 1400/ 1500 dollars). Anyway he gave it to me for 500 pounds and i thought i got a good deal out of it. Anyway i didn't really install many games for the first few months and just used it for general use. i wondered why it was farely slow so i decided to restore the computer to factory settings, yet again it is still very slow. I have done a reset to factory settings like every few months to try and keep my computer as fast as possible but its really slow. It can't even run runescape without almost crashing.

Here is some information about my laptop: Processor- says intel centrino on front. when i look at device manager it says intel(R) core(tm)2 duo

system- 64 bit

Graphics card- NVIDIA GeForce GT240M

Hard drive- 320gb

Is my computer bad, shall i just buy a complete new one.. im only prepared to spend around 500- 600 pounds on a new laptop and i would like one that could easily run say skyrim, battlefield, wow, runescape etc without lagging.

  wee eddie 22:01 25 Jul 2013

Your man was a little economical with the truth ~ Review here

  mrwoowoo 22:20 25 Jul 2013

Most laptops and PC's come with power saving mode set as default which greatly reduces performance. Go to control panel > power options, and change the power plan to high performance.

  Chronos the 2nd 05:36 26 Jul 2013

Sorry mate this is not a particularly good gaming laptop. Always best to look for reviews before you buying a PC, in fact I look at reviews before I buy pretty much anything.

  onthelimit1 08:14 26 Jul 2013

You don't say how much RAM is fitted. If not much, an upgrade is often the cheapest way to gain a significant increase in performance

  Chronos the 2nd 09:29 26 Jul 2013

You can stick all the RAM in you want it is still a poor GPU for gaming. The GeForce GT 240M is a middle-class level GPU of the 200M Series released by NVIDIA in 2009/2010. The biggest hindrance it has is the fact that it only supports DirectX up to 10.1 so DirectX 11 games aren't supported. It's based on the architecture 'GT216', same used on the GeForce GT 230M and features the exact same amount of Pipelines and same memory type. The only difference is the increased clock frequencies. Therefore, GeForce GT 240M is just a fast GeForce GT 230M. Demanding games should run at low or medium settings, depending on the resolution + DirectX version used. Very demanding games might be unplayable even at the lowest settings or only playable at the lowest resolution, which is unbearable, even to the casual gamer. Even old demanding games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare cannot be played at MAX settings smoothly. It will have very little chance of playing modern games.

But as the OP has not mentioned what type of games he plays I may well be wrongly assuming he plays FPS type games.

  Ian in Northampton 09:37 26 Jul 2013

Chronos: from the OP, it sounds like "skyrim, battlefield, wow, runescape". From my experience with my son, those are pretty graphically demanding.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:12 26 Jul 2013

Thanks Ian my post will apply to those games also. This is what you get when you listen to a salesman wanting to sell rather than researching the item before you commit.

I once heard a PCWorld salesman ask a couple who were looking to buy a PC if they knew anything about them. His eyes visibly lit up when they answered no.

  spuds 10:39 26 Jul 2013

"His eyes visibly lit up when they answered no".

When Know-How came about, and the name Tech Guys was discontinued, PC World and Currys salesperson's and technical staff were suppose to have improved, and in some cases retrained in offering the customer the right and correct information.

Only the other week I was in the local PCW, when a sales assistant was insisting that Norton was the only product that the person asking a question on security, should ever consider, anything else was very risky and unreliable?.

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