Why my PC freezes all the time :-( ????

  Sabi 11:56 27 Aug 2007

I had a problem with my old PC, which is sorted now, but I explain briefly in case it is relevant to the new problem I am having:
When I switched on the PC, the Windows XP was not running. Instead “Windows Advanced Option Mods” was coming up! The computer was restarting itself back to the same screen over and over again!
However I managed to get the desktop back through choosing “Last known good configuration (your most recent setting that worked)” a few times!

Now the computer is very slow and freezes a lot. I have done “Kaspersky scan on line” which took 5 and half-hours due to slow speed but when it reached to 99%, I lost the Internet connection! However at that point I couldn’t see any virus or malware were found.

So far I have done all the followings:
-Disk clean up -Disk Defragmenter –HJT- ATF cleaner and Ad-Aware SE all of which made no difference.
The CPU usage is very high. Particularly when I connect to Internet. Once I am online, the CPU freezes at 100% and does not fluctuate at all. Any thing I click on, it opens but freezes on top of the other things open! The opened windows are usually blank (white). Only in one occasion; the Ad-Aware window was completely in black!) The shutdown at that point becomes impossible even from Task Manager the ” End program" is unattainable. Most of the time I have no choice but to switch off the computer from the main!!
The processes running in Task Manager is usually between 54-56 one of which is Waol.exe using the highest CPU at 96. Other processes like MPCmdRun.exe, MsMpEng.exe, Csrss.exe and Explorer.exe etc. all using less CPU but fluctuating constantly).

I am not a computer expert, but can follow easy steps if anyone can help.

Many thanks

System information: Windows XP (home edition), ZA ISS, Ad-Aware SE

  birdface 12:01 27 Aug 2007
  birdface 12:18 27 Aug 2007

click here click here click here all googled but it looks like Waol.exe may be your biggest culprit.

  Sabi 22:35 27 Aug 2007


Thanks for the links which were educational for someone like me who doesn't know much about computers :-(

I guess I have to get rid off Waol.exe, or rather get rid of AOL altogether..

Thanks again

  Taff™ 22:49 27 Aug 2007

Just out of interest, have you got any Google Toolbars, Desktop or other Google Packages?

  Jake_027 23:53 27 Aug 2007
  Jake_027 23:55 27 Aug 2007

click here

Try using that instead. I hate the AOL software myself, but it used to slow down my Athlon 1.2GHZ XP PC that coped fine with everything else. Believe me browse without the aol software and yo'll notice a big difference

  Jake_027 23:58 27 Aug 2007

Also consider setting windows defender not to auto scan, it takes 45 minutes on my core 2 vista pc, about 2 hors on above mentioned xp machine, and rarely picks anything up, especially if you already have ad aware and zonealarm internet security installed

  Sabi 12:33 28 Aug 2007

Thanks Jake;

First I get some courage then I follow the instructions in the link you kindly sent :-)

The strangest thing is; the window defender has vanished!!! The icon, which was on the desktop, has gone, there is no trace of it neither in system tray nor in "All Programs"!!
I don't know what happened to it otherwise I can adjust it's setting

Sabi :-o

  Jake_027 23:15 28 Aug 2007

Go to start>run and type in 'C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsAsCui.exe' Without quotation marks. If it doesn't run then, check add/remove programs in control panel to check its actually installed. Is the PC running any better since you changed the AOL connection method?

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