Why is my one USB hole not working?

  Jonah(without the whale) 12:29 28 Oct 2004

I have two USB holes in the back of my computer but only one of them appears to work. I have a printer/scanner/copier set up using that hole and all is well.
If I plug anything, such as another printer, into the other hole, it is not recognised.
I have tried to identify the hole by looking in my computer at the hardware profiles - the power tab for the USP hub seems to be saying that only one port is available - but I don't know for sure that I am looking at the right thing.
Can anyone tell me howe to identify a port on my machine, especially a USB one, and how can I activate it?
I'm running windows 98.

  recap 13:39 28 Oct 2004

You may need to 'Enable' USB in the BIOS. On boot up press the delete key. Navigate through the options (using the arrows keys) to the USB settings, use the page up/page down keys to change the settings to 'Enable'.

  Jonah(without the whale) 07:29 29 Oct 2004

Hey guys, lots of help, and so quickly too.
I'l have a go at all of these suggestions, but I must admit to being bemused from the start.
Oldal suggests loading drivers - so I'm stuck right away - how do I locate the drivers and load them?
My machine is a 4 year old Tiny, by the way.
Noelg23 suggests finding out the make of the M-board (you should now be getting the measure of me), and I'll try, but how do you do this?
MeV1 - hole - yep, that's tecnical enought for me. I suppose I should have said "port" but I was drinking some at the time I wrote, so it got confusing. Meantime, I'll do what you have suggested too.
I'll check out the BIOS too but I must admit to being very wary of what I don't know much about.
Thnaks for your help folks, I'll report back as soon as I can - may be a day or two.
Thnaks again.

  recap 09:09 29 Oct 2004

To load the drivers you will need to open Control Panel/System/Device Manager/USB Serial Bus Control right click each in turn and select propeerties. From here you can update your drivers.

  Jonah(without the whale) 17:29 29 Oct 2004

Thanks Recap.
I have a question about drivers - if I find that drivers have not been used yet or can be updated, aren't I changing something on my machine that I will not be able to change back, and if I change or introduce a driver, is here a chance it will have a detrimental effect on the functions of the machine?
I suspect these are really simple questions, but I've never been down this roard before.


  Jonah(without the whale) 19:51 03 Nov 2004

Thanks to all for your help on this one. The problem was resolved by accident, yet in the end oldal was right.
I have bought a digital camera and thinking that I would have to use the existing and working port to downlaod photos, I installed the camera based software according to instructions.
As I connected the camera, so the software anounced that drivers for it were being loaded, and within seconds I was lookng at my pictures.
So, I guess that with Windows 98 no supporting USB as explained by oldal, it needs drivers before anything will work, and of course, those drivers have to be specific to whatever you want to run.
I do have other questions, such as why are the drivers specific to the port - i.e. the printer on one of the ports will not run of the other port (presumably when the printer set itself up (that's new by the way, at the same time as the camera) it attached itself to the port - that's my guess)
So all is well. All the suggstions have helped with this one and I'm very grateful.

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