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why is my new tablet using so much power?

  laptopdunce 12:22 08 Aug 2016

I have a new Denver tablet, it is using lots of power on standby, my other one goes for days and days (about 30 before it runs the battery down) when unused, this one is nearly flat after 7 days. I have checked the battery tab and its showing "cell standby 73%, "tablet idle" 24% and screen only 6% - I set the screen very low, I have just put it into airplane mode as it says that saves power, is there anything else I can do to stop the battery draining so fast, Im a bit disappointed with this tablet as the battery runs down so fast. thanks Laptopdunce

  hitechshop 10:52 18 Aug 2016

Make sure unwanted apps are not running in background. Apps use internet and draw extra power.

  laptopdunce 13:08 18 Aug 2016

thre are no apps on this tablet, the only one that is pre installed is called MX player - 29.40mb - is this necessary? should I delete it? I only really use this tablet at airports for free wifi and showing photos on it. LAPTOPDUNCE

  difarn 21:17 20 Aug 2016

According to this article you do have consumer rights in Holland, particularly if an article is defective.

click here merely exchanging goods is not a right.


  laptopdunce 22:03 20 Aug 2016

Yes, there are REAMS of "supposed" rights in Holland but BELIEVE me you have f&&k all rights at all when it comes to buying ANYTHING in Holland, its only the big stores that dont want to lose custom that agree to refund or replace, this Kijkshop, which is owned by Watson, who own superdrug and alot of UK stores also are TERRIBLE!!! they even print on their purchase receipts "no refunds or exchanges on digitale produkts" which is of course TOTALLY ILLEGAL!!! I can show you a photo of my purchase receipt!! Even worse is buying anything from the Ebay FRANCHISED "advertentie" site, this is a franchise of the Ebay site but has NO RULES WHATSOEVER!!! No fixed term of auction, no buyers rights ENFORCED by ebay or paypal!!! Believe me, Holland STINKS!! I have had nationality for 30 years and its the most CORRUPT ROTTEN COUNTRY IN THE EEC!!! THANK CHRIST ENGLAND IS COMING OUT OF IT!!! The Dutch and the Germans have all been brainwashed over the Eurine (€) as I call it!!! it is a DISASTER for "average" people!! Medical "insurance" that is UNAFFORDABLE and NOTHING IS COVERED!! Worse than the rip-off American "die in the gutter" if you have no insurance card, insurance. All bank accounts have to be PAID for now, on a quarterly basis, even the poorest pensioners on only €970 a month have to pay €20 a year just to have a current account!! all this happened since the rotten eurine currency!! Public transport skyrocketed! you even have to pay €7.50 just to have the "oyster card" which you load with money to pay on the swipe ticket machines on the trams, buses, metro, trains, with a minimum balance of €20 just to even get on the train!! so its practically unaffordable for the poorest pensioners to travel!! Food banks in LOADS of Dutch cities!! These things are NEVER REPORTED on UK media!!! Just be damned glad you live in the UK with a free on delivery NHS, Free public transport for pensioners (its only 50% off for most pensioners in Holland!!!! - Another thing NEVER told in UK media!!! - So??? Consumer rights??? Forget it!!! Forget all that crap you find on websites, you have to SCREAM AND SHOUT TO GET ANY LEVEL OF CONSUMER PROTECTION IN HOLLAND!!! or as I did print off the email from Denver before a national (multinational owned) chain store listens!!!! I DESPISE to buy ANYTHING in Holland!! If I could take TV sets, fridges, washers white goods over from UK I would do!! - its not much better in Germany, but the problem is Holland and Germany are full of TOTALLY BRAINWASHED PEOPLE WHO NEVER NEVER COMPLAIN!!!

  laptopdunce 22:30 20 Aug 2016

PS!! there has NEVER EVER EVER been any form of TAX FREE savings in Holland, germany, France, Italy and most other EG countries, there is NO SUCH THING as a premium bond!! (there are tax free lotteries but of course you lose your capital on every one of these and the chance of winning is neglibible) my rationale is: If there is over 48 billions in ISA's in the UK which is STILL the biggest tax free savers break for (mainly) pensioners, then if England can afford to give every single citizen a TAX FREE savings allowance of over £5000 a year in a CASH ISA (even children can have tax free savings limit each year!!!) then where the f&&K is all this money going in Holland and Germany that all pensioners want to save?? (by that I mean the TAX FREE COMPOUND INTEREST, which in previous years has been very at a very high interest rate, in addition to the £15,000 yearly issue limit of each index linked and standard National Savings Certificates - which have now been withdrawn but many people still have years and years and years of annual TAX free savings in these certs. accruing COMPOUND TAX FREE INTEREST!!!!) they have all been ripped-off long before the Eurine!! - NO!! this is another BIG, BIG, BIG benefit that is NEVER EVER EVER EVER trumpetted about in England or the lack of ANY TAX FREE SAVINGS in ANY other EG country is NEVER reported in England!!! I am DELIGHTED England is going to leave this dung heap EG!! The benefits will only show after 10 years, when I personally think at least another two EG countries will have left the rotten EG!!

  bumpkin 23:20 20 Aug 2016

That is one of the reasons why we voted out, much to our governments dislike and surprise.

  laptopdunce 10:10 21 Aug 2016

Well, I saw all these young brainwashed people rushing to the polls in England to vote FOR this ROTTEN CORRUPT EEC, remmeber the EEC stands for the European ECONOMIC Community, not the European immigrant community or European bureaucratic NON DEMOCRATIC community!!! It was the Dutch who invented and pushed for this Eurine currency!! (against the popular myth that it was a the Germans and French!!!!) Holland has a helluva lot to answer for!!! Another thing that is NEVER EVER EVER publicised on UK media, is that Rutte, the premiere of Holland now, was for one term at Eton WITH Cameron!! they are BIG BIG BUDDIES!!! They NEVER EVER shown them arm in arm like lovers when at Bruxelles!! Even that immigrant ar&se licker, Philip Clegg was from Dutch ancestory, and a VERY VERY VERY WEALTHY ancestory at that!!! his grandfather was a Russian Merchant Banker, far richer than the modern day "oligarchs" from Russia!! Britain was for the period of that "coalition" a DISASTER AREA!! Thank God he (Clegg) has been given the bums rush!! He only got into a coalition because the idiots in England didnt go out en masse and VOTE!!! I think in that coalition government it was only 31% of the ENTIRE electorate actually voted!! but in the EEC referendum the turnout was nearly 85%!!! that tells me that a HELLUVA lot of people had strong views FOR or AGAINST the EEC!!! Same with the Scottish referendum, even less people in Scotland vote in a national election but in the Scottish referendum over 80% of the SCOTS voted in that referendum - doesnt that tell you something?? I always say to people, if you dont vote, DONT MOAN!!!Here is another "example" of the LUNACY of the EEC!! I am taking SUITCASES of Dutch Back Bacon back to The Netherlands as it is ABSURDLY expensive in Holland, it costs £2.97 for a 500gm two packs of unsmoked DUTCH back bacon in the supermarket here (NATIONALLY!!!) the UK is Hollands BIGGEST European market for pigs meat, bacon, ham, pork, etc., but in Holland in the main national supermarkets back bacon is €18 a kilo, thus €9 for 500gms, that is nearly THREE TIMES the price of the same DUTCH back bacon in a British supermarket!!! yet we can sell it nearly THREE TIMES cheaper than in a Dutch supermarket and it is IMPORTED from Holland to the UK!!!!! How can that be?? - it is the TAXES to prop up this ROTTEN Eurine currency that is making EVERYTHING UNAFFORDABLE FOR "AVERAGE" PEOPLE IN HOLLAND!!!! and Holland and Germany and for the lesser part France will have to subsidise all the other 26 member countries literally FOREVER!!!! How long can that go on?? Unaffordable American style rip-off MANDATORY "health insurances" with ABSOLUTELY NO DENTAL COVER (that costs so much to add to your standard policy that its just not worth it for most people adding another €600 to €1000 a year to your already MINIMUM €150 a month "policy" (Oh, there is a government minium "excess" of now, I think €370 a year that EVERYONE must pay, if you exceed over €370 of treatment, so of course all the older people are conned with this!! as so many "standard" medications are NOT COVERED on the "health insurance" - Oh, its a NIGHTMARE!!!! families with children are paying €500 a month "health insurance" - when a single earners salary is only €2000 a month!!! - but again, NO_ONE EVER COMPLAINS!!! I KNOW there would be CIVIL WAR if they DARED to even think of introducing such a swingeing policy here, believe me, the once highly contentious policy of Thatcher in bringing in the Poll Tax which caused riots in England and ultimately the downfall of Thatcher, is NOTHING compared to how they have SCREWED the Dutch and the Germans!! This is actually why Germany have HAD to allow all these "economic migrants" into Germany becuase since the Eurine came in therehas been an ACUTE drop in the birth rate becuase most Germans simply CANNOT AFFORD childred, so over 15 years, that is two generations that are LOST, it was even announced on the BBC worldservice radio that now Spain has a higher death rate than a birth rate!! Same problem there!!! Oh, its a DISASTER!!!! and I dont think bringing all the population of AFrica and the middle east into Europe is the answer!!!! I tell people in the UK - USE YOUR BRAIN!!! but of course they dont listen and are not TOLD on "mainstream" media what is really going on!!! Thats not a rant!!! its just plain truth!!!

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