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why is my new tablet using so much power?

  laptopdunce 12:22 08 Aug 2016

I have a new Denver tablet, it is using lots of power on standby, my other one goes for days and days (about 30 before it runs the battery down) when unused, this one is nearly flat after 7 days. I have checked the battery tab and its showing "cell standby 73%, "tablet idle" 24% and screen only 6% - I set the screen very low, I have just put it into airplane mode as it says that saves power, is there anything else I can do to stop the battery draining so fast, Im a bit disappointed with this tablet as the battery runs down so fast. thanks Laptopdunce

  difarn 16:19 08 Aug 2016

The wifi function can drain the battery if this is set to 'always on'. Could you try resetting this to 'only when connected'? Does your tablet have 3G capability? If so do you have 'location' enabled?

Have you had a look at your tablet's battery usage monitor to see what may be causing the drain? You should find this under device manager in settings.

  laptopdunce 21:52 15 Aug 2016

just adding to this, the battery went flat after 4 days, I have written to Denver about this as I think it needs replacing, but in "battery" there is only limited info, on Screen it says that (battery used by the display and backlight) is 60% and adjust power use but yo can only reduce the screen brightness which I always do to about 2% of full brightness, on "cell standby" it says that there is 30% used by "battery used by cell radio" - i have unclicked airplane mode, thethering and portable hotspot, VPN, Ethernet and Mobile networks. In security, I have turned off the user experience programme to stop it sending diagnostic and uuusage date to the manufactoruer. I have tuned the location mode off. Ihave used one of my own static photos as the desktop background wallpaper (no "live" wallpapers) - I really feel I have done everything I can to stop this tablet from draining the battery over such a short space of time, but I think its a "diff" one and needs replacing, I wouldnt recommend Denver again! Even the charger is rubbish, its only a usb one, my other one had a direct mains charger with the small round plug to the tablet, that tablet runs 30 days unused before the battery runs out. Laptopdunce

  difarn 22:46 15 Aug 2016

Which version of Android does the tablet run on? I read an article about Anroid 6.0.1. Marshmallow and how it seems to be causing a much shorter battery life. Is Bluetooth disabled.

Article here:-

click here

  compumac 08:30 16 Aug 2016

Disable Bluetooth, Ensure Wi-Fi and Mobile data are disabled. Use a black background instead of a photo.

  Burn-it 12:47 16 Aug 2016

Turn off location services if you don't need it to keep tabs of where you are all the time. You can always turn it back on temporarily if you need to get directions to anywhere or find the nearest ?????

  laptopdunce 13:56 16 Aug 2016

I have actually just got a replacement tablet from the store I bought that Denver tablet in The Netherlands, I have the Denver TAQ-90022MK2, I think it uses google android version 4.4.4 I have the location mode turned off and also the brightness, the wifi is off, I use a small 500kb photo of my own as the desktop background, will see how this one get's on, my other Denver table is TERRIFIC!! that one keeps the battery for about 30 days before it is fully empty. I dont know if this tablet has bluetooth, I cant find it anywhere in the setting. thanks Latopdunce

  difarn 20:19 16 Aug 2016

It will be interesting to see if the battery lasts longer than the original. I'm not sure that this model does have Bluetooth - nothing mentioned in the user manual.

  laptopdunce 12:57 17 Aug 2016

I think the first one must have been a dud!! this new one I got yesterday, fully charged it up, had it running at the airport yesterday for 2 hours on wifi and today its showing the battery at 75% so thats not bad from 24 hours with 2 hours wifi use!! Laptopdunce

  difarn 18:33 17 Aug 2016

Sounds much better. As you say, not bad at all. Thanks for reporting back.

  laptopdunce 22:40 17 Aug 2016

Well, I did have a BATTLE ROYALE with the Dutch store (Kijkshop) where I bought this - you have NO CONSUMER RIGHTS WHATSOEVER IN HOLLAND!! IT UTTERLY STINKS!!! I really DESPISE to buy anything in Holland, I ALWAYS buy everything from Laptops, to bacon to shoes in England!!! BUT I wrote to Denver and told them about this rotten tablet and the fact that the Dutch Kijkshop (a bit like Argos) stamp your receipt with "no returns or refunds" on tablets phones and digital goods!!! which I think is illegal, anyway BINGO!!! Denver told me to take it back to Kijkshop for a repair under the 24 month garantie or an exchange!! After all the FLANNEL at Kijkshop I produced a print of Denver's email and BINGO !! Immediate exchange!!! so anyone buying something in Holland BEWARE!!! its a ROTTEN COUNTRY TO BUY ANYTHING IN!!! thank Christ England is coming out of the EEC!!! the once 2nd only to Switzerland Dutch health service is now WORSE than America, ENORMOUS "INSURANCE" PREMIUMS AND NOTHING IS COVERED!!! All this to fund the rotten Eurine currency!!!! but dont get me on Europe!!! England will ALWAYS be the BEST consumer country in the Western world!!! Laptopdunce

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