Why is my new ASUS Vivobook Max so slow!?

  Bgwoj 10:51 19 Apr 2019

Hi, I´ve not long purchased a Asus Vivobook Max and it keeps freezing, runs really slow and even turns off if i move it! They place were I bought it wont take it back or change it so I need to sort it out myself. I´ve deleted all unwanted apps, sorted the start up process, done full scans for viruses etc with a paid for version of Norton yet its still slow and keeps freezing. Sometimes (more often than not!) when i move the laptop it turns off. This happens on battery and when plugged in. Any ideas or suggestions welcome! Thank you very much in advance. Ben

  x13 11:32 19 Apr 2019

There are different models of the Vivobook but regardless of the model I would be worried about the fact it turns off when moved. Suggests to me either a bad connection to the drive or even a motherboard fault. A fault like that will probably worsen over time. Surely the seller has a legal obligation to either replace/repair the laptop if recently bought?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:53 19 Apr 2019

They place were I bought it wont take it back or change it

Sale of goods act says they have to either offer a repair or renew if inherently faulty. Insist on your rights or contact trading standards if they refuse.

  Bgwoj 09:02 21 Apr 2019

Hi, thanks for the replies. I can't take it back as they said that I could have dropped it or damaged it myself causing the faults. I think i'll take it to a shop to open up and see if I'm lucky and somethings just a bit loose! Thanks again for the replies.

  wee eddie 11:09 21 Apr 2019

Sounds like they're trying to evade their responsibilities. (If it hasn't been dropped)

Go into the Shop and say:

"I am going to have it independently assessed and that if it is found that the fault is inherent. They will have to pay the cost of that inspection"

Under UK law they are responsible for any faults within the first 6 months

Of course if it's been dropped, or whatever, you'll have to pay for the inspection. Find out the cost first. It could be cheaper to buy another one

  Bgwoj 17:12 23 Apr 2019

Hi, thanks again for the advise but I live in Spain so the rules & regulations are different. Apparently as I’ve had it for more than 14 days it can’t be returned and unfortunately has no further guarantee. It’s a pain but lesson learnt! I’ll take it somewhere and see what they think. Hopefully it’s nothing too nasty! Thanks again everyone.

  wee eddie 17:40 23 Apr 2019

Spain is in the EEC, I think that someone is trying to wind you up. The regulations are similar to ours

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