Why my monitor is not showing a thing?

  drpeppercan 21:29 24 Apr 2018

Some background on most recent events: I removed my CPU cooler, and the CPU came off along with the cooler. I did put it back. I unscrewed the tiny cooler fan. Then I screwed it back. That's all.

I already replaced the monitor, and tried both my graphics card, and the on-board graphics. Neither of these made a difference. The monitor still says "No signal".

What should be my next thing to test?

Thanks guys :)

  Menzie 00:50 25 Apr 2018

Check the CPU again to make sure that no pins were bent or damaged when yanked out by the cooler.

Reseat it, make sure all RAM is fully seated and try the system again.

  drpeppercan 02:43 25 Apr 2018

After a closer look I noticed that indeed a couple pins were a tad bent. Moreover, I realized that I had not used the little lever to secure the CPU previous time, so I'm not even sure how it was working like that on the 1st place. Then to make matters worst, when I put it back, I just assumed that it was sitting ok (while it was not), and went ahead and used the lever on the cooler, which as you know, puts a tremendous physical pressure on the CPU (to keep it in place while having most possible contact). Either way, no doubt I ruined the CPU, and chances are, the CPU socket in the motherboard. Nevertheless, I did proceed as if there was a chance, placed the CPU the best I could (while the socket's lever was up), then closed the lever. Cleaned the old thermal paste, put some new one, placed the clean cooler back. And started the pc. Same situation. What sucks too, is that I don't have another CPU to check if the socket is ok, or not. And I'm certainly not going to buy another CPU just to find out that the socket IS ruined too. I guess this pc is good for parts now :(

Thanks a bunch for your help Menzie :)

  Menzie 19:11 26 Apr 2018

That's a shame, sorry to hear about the CPU being damaged.

It is difficult to say but in these cases usually the CPU is the only casualty and not the Motherboard.

It's a difficult call.

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