Why is my memory like this

  Legolas 17:59 17 Oct 2003

I have a faulty 256Mb stick of memory which causes my main computer to crash. I bought a second hand Tomato m/b from ebay a while ago for a basic second computer running a slot1 Pentium processor. I tried the faulty memory stick in it and although it only runs at 128Mb it runs with no problems.

I decided to upgrade the tomato m/b and purchased a new m/b from ebuyer, installed the faulty memory stick and fired it up, away it went with no problems...until I tried to install win XP and it repeatedly threw up errors. I spent a long time trying to work out what was wrong till I suddenly remembered the memory stick had been faulty so I swopped it with a good stick and away it went...so why is my memory like this.

  Rayuk 18:01 17 Oct 2003

Because its faulty,end of story

  Lionheart ♥ 18:10 17 Oct 2003

....so why is my memory like this.

Age got anything to do with it :)

  plankton 18:13 17 Oct 2003

Or it could just be the wrong type of memory for the boards it doesnt work on???

  Legolas 18:15 17 Oct 2003

Age has certainly a part to play ;-) The thing I find strange Rayuk is the fact that it works ok in one m/b but not another.

  Legolas 18:16 17 Oct 2003

It worked in one of the m/b,s for months before it went faulty but then continued to work on another m/b strange.

  Lionheart ♥ 18:18 17 Oct 2003

Sorry could not resist the quip.

  Legolas 18:23 17 Oct 2003

No problem Lionheart ♥ I am of a like mind.

I started this thread really just for some discussion on the matter I don't really expect to get a definitive answer I hope that's allowed lol

  plankton 11:57 18 Oct 2003

It might be that when its only using 128Mb, it doesnt access the faulty chip?

  Legolas 12:57 18 Oct 2003

As I said this was for discussion and I did,nt expect a clear cut answer but thanks for all those who participated.

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