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Why is my heating coming on when not programmed to

  Linda Milliken 08:23 30 Jan 2020

I have a salus T105rf programmable thermostat .. After a few attempts I finally figured out how to program it (instructions very vague ) was going OK but recently it seems the boiler kicks in when not programmed to and also temp goes up to about 23 which is far too hot (I set comfort temp to 21 ) The only way can stop it is to turn off at boiler to hot water only .. Then switch back when I need it Help Linda

  mrgrumpy 10:30 30 Jan 2020

Hi Linda , the only time a boiler should kick in on its own is when their is a severe frost and a built in setting that you cant control makes it come on automatically.

My late mum 97 got confused a lot with how her heating worked , NOT SAYING YOUR CONFUSED , yes you have thermostat but depending on your boiler you should also have separate controls for water and heating on the panel of your boiler that also decide on how hot water and radiators work. So you could have a situation where the boiler water and heater is independently set too high and the end result could be your water is scolding hot and your radiators are red hot even with the valve set on only No.2

I have looked on google at your thermostat , it is a portable one yes ! This mean it will respond to the room it is in. so if you put it in a cold room it will not stop working until THAT room is as hot as the thermostat wants it to be. The downside is all other rooms could be too hot.

Put the thermostat either if the hallway or preferably the room you use the most, when that room is warm enough the thermostat will cut out , if the other rooms are not warm enough just turn up the individual radiator valves.

  hssutton 10:46 30 Jan 2020

There is a frost protection mode on the Salus,this can be deactivated. Check page 20. With frost protection activated it will overide any programme setting

  Bob The Plumber 11:25 30 Jan 2020

kicks in when not programmed to and also temp goes up to about 23 which is far too hot.

The thermostat is designed to kick in before the time you have set it to as it incorporates a built in optimiser. Say you have set the temperature of the room to 21 degrees for 7.30AM, the unit will work out what time to kick the boiler on, so that room is at its programmed temperature at 7.30AM.

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