Why my computer restarts of and on???

  leroy1260 07:26 26 Oct 2008

I don't know it just recently that I have encountered this problem .I don't know why my PC just restarts after 5 min, 15 main or sometimes very rarely it shutdowns automatically.
I first thought that this might be B'coz of virus but I tried formating my Pc but then to the situation is the same. Please help !!

  Halmer 07:42 26 Oct 2008

If you take the side off is it full of dust?

Right click on My Computer then properties then Advanced then start up and recovery (settings) and change to Write and event to the system log.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:07 26 Oct 2008

Overheating or memory problems.

Clean vents and check fans are running OK.

Memory Test
MemTest - click here
Tutorial: How to use Memtest - click here
Windows Memory Test - click here

  leroy1260 13:34 26 Oct 2008

No I have checked the Fan and other hardwares are working properly, for my convenience I have also tried reessembling hardware including the processor...........
Fruit Bat- in your posting you said to do the memory test. But it is just to check whether the RAM is working fine or not???? For me my BIOS does memory testing every time i switch on my PC.I dont't think whether I'm having RAM problem .............as such
Halmer- I don't know what do you want me to change in write an event to system log setting.Do you want me to uncheck it.And also in that system failure option there is automatic restart option.........I have tried unchecking it but situation is the same.....I have also tried unchecking write an event to system log setting but no result........

  leroy1260 13:40 26 Oct 2008

My system configuration is
Intel 865/gv chipset motherboard
Intel Pentium(r) 4 , 2.4 GHz processor
1.24 Gb of DDR 1 RAM
External 256 MB Nvidia Geforce 6200 XFX graphic card

  leroy1260 06:10 27 Oct 2008

Also whenever I format my PC and install all the drivers, I always get an error report when I install my sound driver i.e Realtek AC'97 .Error report says that this sound drivers has not passed windows logon test and will give problem to yr system in near future if you wish to continue, so do you want to continue or stop installation, I choose continue installation.After that the sound drivers works fine .
But I am guessing that my system restarts B'coz of this faulty sound driver that I have..........and what is this windows logon test.......
Please help.......!!

  leroy1260 14:21 27 Oct 2008

Or is there some problem with my SMPS .How to know whether the SMPS is working fine ......???
Please can anybody HELP !!!!

  birdface 14:33 27 Oct 2008

You have not downloaded this Microsoft update have you.click here=

  leroy1260 03:47 28 Oct 2008

Buteman the update which you want me to download has some or the other problem as I went through different links. Why do you want me to download this update.....what this update has to do with the restart neways?????

  I am Spartacus 09:10 28 Oct 2008

buteman is asking whether you've downloaded this update as it can give rise to the problems you're experiencing. He's not telling you to download it.

The BIOS POST (Power ON Self Test) basically checks the RAM is there and doesn't do a full stress test whereas MEMTEST does and will confirm if your RAM is faulty. If it is this could be the reason for the power offs.

  leroy1260 10:00 28 Oct 2008

No I have not downloaded any softwares distribution update.......
ok then I'll try that mem test

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