Why Must It Be So Hard

  The Paul 14:02 16 Nov 2005

I have had a cable network for ages and it works fine. (I live in France) Recently our commune got ADSL availability and I jumped at it. I have now received my ADSL Modem/Router. My cables for the 3 PC's downstairs all hook up as before and the move over from my basic router was easy. Mr ADSL Modem/Router also has WiFi and this is important as I want the kids to be able to hook up but running cables would be a nightmare.

So I bought 2 802.11g Wireless LAN PCI cards - followed the installation instructions and nothing. The PC's see the cards okay - but they wont connect. I have allocated a key to the new cards as prompted but nothing.

The ADSL Modem/Router is connected to what used to be the HOST by Ethernet cable so I guess that makes the new router the Gateway.

I have searched both on this Forum and outside of it for guidance but I have found nothing that makes any sense to me.

Help - anyone - Cheers - Paul

  Taran 14:09 16 Nov 2005

First things first.

Details of your router would help - manufacturer, model and so on.

Assuming you have enabled wireless from the router control panel, there are still a ton of things to potentially go wrong.

What type of security option did you select ?

Best option for this as a home user is usually WPA-PSK for Network Authentication and TKP for Data Encryption.

Are you able to connect to the router from a wired PC ?

Are you able to connect to your ADSL providor from that wired PC through the router ?

Assuming you can get a wired connection to the router and a live ADSL feed at the other end the rest is down to patientce, sometimes lots of coffee and a bit if cursing.

The reason wireless networking is so difficult is that it's complex technology.

Devices and their interfaces try to make it easier for home users but there's a lot of ground to cover in wireless and it isn't easy.

Try to give more detail of you can of your setup.


  The Paul 14:28 16 Nov 2005

Router = base plate states:
Model: CT-633
P/N: 222458-014
Terminal Triway V2

I believe that I have set up the WiFi aspect of my router using the Alice (ex Tiscali) program that came with the pack

I'm not certain that I was asked for a security option

I generally understand the security info you mention - and on the PCI card I installed in one of the PC's I opted for WPA-PSK (although I think it is ignoring this as it cannot connect)

I have 3 PCs connected to the router via cable and they have full access to each other and the Internet
- does this answer the next point about connecting to my ADSL provider. I'm using it now via the router which is connected to this PC by cable

The Router has a (I assume) a type of PCMCI card which is inserted in the router with the lights flashing away.

Does any of this make sense

  The Paul 15:13 16 Nov 2005

As the router is now effectively stand alone - should I see it mentioned anywhere on the Device Manager for example. I cannot see any sign of it anywhere yet I know it works as I can see the other PCs and get on the internet.

Am I being really dumb here.

  The Paul 19:30 16 Nov 2005

I have my router/modem connected to what used to be my host PC. The installation instructions advised setting up via Ethernet (as FE suggests in another thread tonight) but I have kept it in place as I am happy with cable for the PCs downstairs.

What I cannot see is where the config for the Router/Modem is and how I can do anything with them.

I am beginning to suspect that my layout is all wrong and that is why the 2 wifi cards dont see anything - because effectively there is nothing for them to see.

Am I reading this right - or just getting dumber.

  The Paul 07:19 17 Nov 2005

I realised that the title was in appropriate so I have ticked a resolved

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