Why is Memory usage for Iexplore so high? Also Adobe error.

  silverdragon41 01:17 14 Sep 2011

Not long ago, my memory usuage on IE would not go about 200k, 250 max, and that was after it being all day with a half dozen Tabs open. But now, just opening to my homepage makes it jump to 100k. Writng this and it is 106k. A second tab to facebook and it jumps to 142k. I just went onto facebook Sims Social on there and it shot up to 390-500k+. All this is recent I am sure of it. I use Explorer 7.

On another ...maybe related. I recently updated to Adobe Flash Player 10 because Youtube would not let me watch vids without it. But I keep getting this error sometimes around the net. "Error #2044: Unhandled StatusEvent:. level=error, code="

Any help with these please?

  silverdragon41 01:41 14 Sep 2011

A friend just suggested I switch to Google Chrome. But will see if there are any ideas here first

  birdface 08:09 14 Sep 2011

On my Windows7 I have the usual 2 Iexplore.exe.One sits at 6.676k and the other at 45.208k and shoots up to over 200.000 when used so I can't see what your problem is.

  birdface 08:12 14 Sep 2011

Firefox.exe sits at 120.520k

  silverdragon41 14:56 18 Sep 2011

sorry for late reply. not been well. I switched to google chrome. seems to work pretty good so far

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