Why I don't listen the audio...?

  Antonio Machado 03:04 28 Feb 2013

Hello experts !

All of a sudden my computer has no audio... I don't listen the audio at all...

I have double checked all the connections and are tight, I guess the problem has something to do with software... Windows 7 perhaps ? do I need to reset something somewhere ?

When I click on the icon "Audio" at the taskbar and then "Open Mixer" they appear the volume green color bars moving so it is receiving the signal...

Any suggestion ? any idea ?

Thank you very much in advance, best greetings from New York,

Antonio Machado.

  wee eddie 04:41 28 Feb 2013

Just check that the Speakers are plugged into the mains and turned on!

  hastelloy 07:54 28 Feb 2013

On the right side of the task bar there is a speaker icon. Click on it and check that the volume is turned up.

  chub_tor 08:29 28 Feb 2013

Is this a laptop or a desktop with external speakers?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:28 28 Feb 2013

Check its not muted.

Look in device manager to see if any Red or yellow marks against the audio drivers.

  bumpkin 19:20 01 Mar 2013

I don't listen the audio at all... so why does it matter if it does not work.

  rdave13 19:43 01 Mar 2013

Check in playback devices that the speakers are set to default. Right click the icon (bottom right of screen) and select playback devices. Click the speakers used then select 'set as default'.

  woodchip 19:58 01 Mar 2013

Have you tried Earphones?

  woodchip 19:58 01 Mar 2013

Have you tried Earphones?

  Simsy 20:21 01 Mar 2013


I suspect from the original poster's name, and the slightly wonky grammar, that English is not his first language...

I assume that "I don't listen the audio at all..." really means "I don't hear the audio at all..."

To a non native speaker of the language "listen" and "hear" have very similar meanings!

Not that I can help any further with this!

Regards all,


  bumpkin 23:07 01 Mar 2013

I knew what he meant, just my weird sense of humour:-)

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