why hibernate?

  wesparmalee 15:39 31 Jan 2004

I'm using Windows XP,and have noticed my pc running extremely slow.I decided to defrag the hard drive,and while this was in the middle of taking place,my pc suddenly switched onto the Windows XP screen,with the message- Preparing to hibernate.I tried returning to Windows but was unable to do so,and had to turn the pc off at the main power button.Any ideas what caued this?I've just re-booted and all seems to be o.k.Thanks.

In XP is where all the information in the computers RAM is taken and stored to hard drive then switches off.

When it next boot's it re-loads this information and then means you can carry on where you left off.

For that to happen something in the power management may be set to after a period of time go to hibernation mode.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:56 31 Jan 2004

What is in the power options? Does hibernation come on after a set time?

Best to defrag in safe-mode - that way there should be nothing to interfere with the process.

  User-312386 16:44 31 Jan 2004

turn off hibernation

go to start>control panel>Performance and Maintenance>Power options.

Another box will pop up, select the hibernation tab and uncheck the "Enable Hibernation", now click apply and there will be no hibernation

  User-312386 16:44 31 Jan 2004

No need to Defrag in "Safe Mode" in XP

  Diodorus Siculus 16:49 31 Jan 2004

madboy33©® - thanks for the info. I used XP for all of 3 weeks before reverting back to Win2k. I now have a quad-boot setup (98, 2k, XP home and Linux Suse 8.2pro) and find that 2k is the best for me.

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