"Why the hell is this here"

  Ray5776 19:09 03 Mar 2007

Hi again,
My son 21 has spent many hours creating a website I was very pleased with his efforts as he has never before showed much interest in computing.
His site address is click here
He now finds that when he tries to access the site he gets the message "WHY THE HELL IS THIS HERE ?!?!"
I have tried to access his site and get the same message, there seems to be no way out, clicking the X or the cancel does not work, requires a reboot.
Any help please.


  p;3 19:14 03 Mar 2007

are you trying to access the site on the same computer?

  skidzy 19:14 03 Mar 2007

Think your response is going to be limited Ray,just because you posted it locks the system...sorry.

  VoG II 19:16 03 Mar 2007

Please contact the FE and ask for it to be removed. It has been hacked and contains a lot of Anglo-Saxon.

  p;3 19:17 03 Mar 2007

a google for that web address brings up nowt; woudl not go direct from the link given incase of an infected address

  [email protected] 19:18 03 Mar 2007

Seems like someone that has managed to get in pulling a prank. Does anyone know the passwords he uses?

  [email protected] 19:20 03 Mar 2007

By the way that pop up isn't in an infinite loop. Just hold down enter for a few seconds and it will soon go away.

  theDarkness 19:22 03 Mar 2007

if the contents of that page definately isnt his and has been changed, then it would seem that the ones that offered the website to your son have messed up, and had that address under someone elses ownership as well as your sons.

just viewed the site.. (!) I think regarding the websites content, and its "why the hell is this here" message, the creator of the webpage is taking the p*ss and trying to punish you and your son for supposedly editing their website, saying they had that address before you.

I would email/complain to those that provided the website address and tell them what has happened, they may be able to give you another site address and even revive its contents (not sure on the latter but its worth a go).

  [email protected] 19:27 03 Mar 2007

I got the impression that the message was from Ray5776's son to the hacker that made the "Why the Hell is this here" pop-up.

Could be either I suppose.

  theDarkness 19:34 03 Mar 2007

oops, lol, didnt look for long enough.
the pop up is strange nontheless :)
if he hasnt entered the web address or
its account editing password into any dodgy
lists then i guess someone out there
(or one of his mates?!) was having a laugh.
id still contact the web address holder
about the problem if the pop up message cannot be
deleted by editing the webpage normally

  theDarkness 19:39 03 Mar 2007

last resort- if holding down enter doesnt help to get rid of the message, then hold down CTRL, ALT and DELETE (above arrow keys), and then click on "end task" for your internet program.

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