Why is Hd showing as nearly full?

  SB23 12:49 28 Sep 2006

Over the last few days I've noticed that my pc was running a little slower than normal.
So, I did what I usually do, ran scans for virus's, spyware, all came out clean with no problems.
When I thought about a defrag and the screen came up, I was surprised to see that it was nearly full, (unused space 28Gb).
The hard drive is an 80Gb so that leaves approx 52Gb. Allowing for the OS, my folder with approx 4.5Gb, and the other programs, antivirus, antispyware etc, what has happened to the rest of my unused space?, because it was on the weekend. Even allowing for the letter templates, and a number of other templates that I have stored, there is quite a few gigabites that have disappeared.

Does anyone have any ideas, or is there a program to map exactly what is on my hd?



  rodriguez 12:54 28 Sep 2006

Could be a load of temporary program files and temporary internet files. Go on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and then Disk Cleanup to remove all these. You can also delete all the restore points up to the last one that was done which will get back a bit more space.

  GroupFC 13:27 28 Sep 2006

There are a number of programmes that will analyse what is on your HD - I haven't actually used any, but have seen recommended here click here, altho' I recently saw a recommendation for another program on these pages (but can't remember what it was!).

You could have a look at some of these click here some of ehich look as if they might be helpful.


  SB23 13:32 28 Sep 2006


I have done a temp clean and deleted all but the last restore point, but hd is still showing as nearly full.


thanks for the links, I'll have a look.


  GroupFC 14:23 29 Sep 2006

This is a recent post that I was thinking of in my earlier reply, which you might find of interest click here (it has just come back up the list!).

  SB23 14:49 29 Sep 2006

With this program,(thanks for the link), I can see exactly where its going.
Would you believe the program is showing around 5Gb of games I had deleted, well, so I thought. As I type this I am erasing them.
There are others, but I have 30 days with the trial to get rid of them.

Thanks again.


Ps I will tick as resolved as I can now sort this out.

  SB23 16:22 29 Sep 2006

I have erased alot of programs this afternoon, programs that had been deleted, but were still showing and taking up hard drive space.
Without Spacemonger I would not have realised what was going on.
Another thing aswell, a backup program I have, had created 20gb of backups without my knowledge, but I could see with Spacemonger.
I have now changed where it saves to, so that I can see and delete old backups, lol.

After all this, pc seems ok, I have 62.6Gb (84%) free space again, all is ok.

Thanks all.


  GroupFC 16:31 29 Sep 2006

I am glad you have got it sorted.

Now you have gained all that space it might be an idea to run CrapCleaner to get rid of any leftover bits and to defrag the HD again, as presumably files would have been stored all over the place!

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