Why is hd not detected .......

  toni b 19:07 28 Nov 2003

what must I do to get this Mobo click here to detect this HD click here My poor old dad is pulling the last strands of hair out trying to understand why the bios can not see hd any advice would be really appriecated Regards Toni p.s No os installed yet becuase of this problem......

  Diodorus Siculus 19:12 28 Nov 2003

Basic things first of all:

1 - are the jumpers set correctly?

2 - is anything else connected to the ide cable?

3 - do you perhaps need a BIOS update?

  toni b 19:18 28 Nov 2003

Because it is a sata hd I seem to understand that it should be auto detected ,there are no jumpers to set and this is a new mobo first build so I am not sure if i need to update bios (when my dad looks through bios settings there is no mention of hd's but when he looks at other options such as the possibility of setting up raid he can see hd name this is what is so confusing

  cycoze 19:26 28 Nov 2003

the aopen site isnt opening for me , however if this board is like many other boards with SATA built in , you probably wont see the SATA drive show up on auto-detect , you will need to set the boot sequence to include SCSI rather than hdd , if planning to use SATA as main drive.

When you boot up it will show no hdd`s detected and move on to show the SATA drive , if you have boot sequence #1cd #2scsi , you should be able to load windows , adding scsi drivers when asked to.

  cycoze 22:07 28 Nov 2003

I downloaded the manual for this board , it has Pheonix-award bios , i have award on my machine although its not Pheonix i am assuming they are much the same.

In the standard cmos setup a scsi drive wont show.

In advanced bios features i set the boot order as cd-scsi-floppy , i had tried it on scsi-cd-floppy but the bootup would always hang on `verifying pool` , after i had loaded Windows XP i changed the boot to scsi-floppy-cd.

In dvanced bios features again ,the sata/raid/scsi boot order was set to [sata].

In intergrated peripherals the serial ata function is set to [base].

Once done i saved and exited , you will see hard drives not detected followed by an option to enter setup , then you should be able to pick up the Windows cd , you will need the SATA drivers on floppy to load , XP asks if you want to add them and tells you to hit F6 , i havent loaded them on other OS so cant tell you what to expect.

I havent bothered with the Raid function on my setup .

hope this helps.

  Quiller. 22:18 28 Nov 2003

Is spot on.

The only thing I can add is if you are going to boot from the SATA hard drive then take the drivers off the motherboard c\d for the SATA drive. You will need these as well as the drivers from the SATA hard drive website. You should have a feature on the motherboard c\d to "make diskettes" for the SATA drive.

If you follow cycoze's advise you should be putting your operating system on soon.

Good luck.

  toni b 00:08 29 Nov 2003

Thanks for all the info will pass info on to the old man and let you know how he gets on sunday evening
Thanks Guys

Regards Toni

  Quiller. 00:29 29 Nov 2003

These are worth a read. Stick with them as they do waffle a bit:-)

click here click here

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