Why have I got a Radeon 9800 Pro ?

  Derek 13:32 06 Jun 2005

Bought it 12 months ago when I said to the retailer (a friend) send me a decent graphics card.
Now I have two PC's, one with this 9800Pro in it , and the other has a 'cheapo' card costing about £26. I really cannot see the difference in the pictures that I see on the screen but, perhaps I'm not using it to full advanage ?

My interests are the usual office stuff including a high level of publishing with pics and clip art, photography using a top end SLR and on this score the pictures are beautifully produced.

What do you reckon I ought to load to see the results of such a 'decent' graphice card.
I bought "Battlefield '42" a long time ago but found the opening Getting Started a bit overpowering, so put it on one side.
Question - should I load a game from the recent PCA (DVD) CD...what do you advise.

KIndest regards Derek Miles.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:47 06 Jun 2005

If it does what you want, then don't complain - it could well be overkill though for simple 2d rendering.

If you are not into gaming, then any basic card should do the job for you with no problems.

  Completealias 13:51 06 Jun 2005

Any recent pc game like doom3 or half life 2 would push your graphics card. If you aren't into gaming then as has been said a lower end spec card will do you just fine.

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