Why has my pc started crawling.....

  Craigmave 01:36 30 Sep 2003

Hello. I have been having problems with my pc for a while now. Just a few minutes ago it was really fast, i would click on my documents and the file would come up super fast but then when i click on a music file then it takes just under a minute to open the file, then when i go to shut down media player 9 then the program will be shut down but the music will still be playing like there is some sort of time delay. I have just had a major clear out of HDD's i have a 20gb 60gb and 80gb as i do alot of video editing but all have lots of free space. Please can you suggest what to do. Thanks from Craig.

  Djohn 01:46 30 Sep 2003

You have just done a major clear out of your drives! Have you run "Defrag" on each one? Your files may be scattered, [Fragmented] all over your drives and this will put them back together again.

If you download music or other files, you may have picked up a virus. Do you have up to date anti-virus on your system? If not, then a good free one is AVG click here and this is also a good program to have for sorting out and removing spy-ware. click here j.

  Craigmave 01:49 30 Sep 2003

hi there, i have done defrag on all drives and ok, i have norton antivirus and all the updates, plus norton personal firewall. Do you think that there is a memory problem? When i press ctrl alt del the to see the system resources, the cpu seems to be on 100% for most of the time. My spec is 640mb mem, athlon 1800+, K7S6a MB

  spuds 01:58 30 Sep 2003

You have completed a de-frag and scandisk. Have you removed or installed any new/old software. Have you any programmes working in the background, that could be using some of your resources.Any of these could be a possible cause.

  Craigmave 02:02 30 Sep 2003

in the right hand task bar i have MSN Messenger, Internet, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton Auto Protect, Epson Stylus C42UX. There are 33 Processes running. Applications runnig sre just this web page.

  Craigmave 02:04 30 Sep 2003

I have C: as my op system NTFS, D: E: anf F: is all one drive but partitioned as Games drive, video editing drive and backup drive all FAT32 could this be the cause ? Windows media player is on an NTFS drive and is getting files from a FAT 32 drive ??? any link to the problem do you think.

  hugh-265156 03:20 30 Sep 2003

sometimes a restart helps.

in task manager/processes it will show you what is taking up the cpu time.

if its xp try a system restore to when all was working well.

it may be spyware or a virus as said above.update norton and scan all the drives.

download and update adaware from Djohn`s link above and scan. also,download update and run click here too as it finds things adaware misses and vice versa.

  brittas 07:15 30 Sep 2003

Try converting all your fat 32 into NTFS.

  Craigmave 10:11 30 Sep 2003

ok thanks for your help, i will try what you have suggested. I have tried restarts but it doesnt take long before its slowed down again.

  hugh-265156 15:04 30 Sep 2003

have you run norton and both adaware and spybot yet?

disable any any start up programs that may be running by clicking start/run and typing msconfig and ok.click the start up tab and untick everything except your firewall and AV.click ok and restart the computer.click here for help identifing what the names are.

have a look click here also and disable any services you dont require.the "safe" settings work well for me on xp home.

  Craigmave 19:28 30 Sep 2003

hi there, i have run all virus and spyware programs and still no change. I have about 30 processes running.

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