Why has C cleaner appeared on my desktop uninvited?

  Keepbeinad 10:19 29 Nov 2014

I have found C Cleaner on my computer with an icon on my desktop. I have absolutely no idea how this got there and what it's up to. I got caught by Paretologic this time last year and spent ages getting rid of it. Is this something similar?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:56 29 Nov 2014

CCleaner is a very good program to have, am suprised it came packed with anything else

what have you downloaded and installed recently?

  spuds 11:04 29 Nov 2014

Agree with Fruit Bat. CCleaner (Piriform.com) isn't the sort of program to download itself on a computer in a suspicious manner.

  Al94 12:20 29 Nov 2014

Not possible - must have been installed. It's an excellent programme.

  Forum Editor 16:34 29 Nov 2014

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  [DELETED] 16:01 30 Nov 2014

Use it! It is a great bit of software and will clean your machine. You may be amazed at how much junk you have in files and in the Registry.

  Batch 17:49 30 Nov 2014

Are you sure it is Ccleaner and not something nasty masquerading as Ccleaner?

  alanrwood 18:51 30 Nov 2014

If you have Ccleaner set to auto update it will recreate an icon on your desktop when it does so.

  Keepbeinad 18:59 01 Dec 2014

It seems legit but I'm absolutely sure I didn't download it. (What does it do that Paretologic doesn't do? That came as all singing dancing and supposedly free till you got further into it. Saw lots of posts warning me off that and it also brought someting called Mycloud with it that I definitely had to get rid of).

I've uninstalled Ccleaner and all seems well except the icon is still there on my desk top - unnerved with it appearing unanounced

  john bunyan 19:22 01 Dec 2014

If I were you I would ditch Paretologic and install CCleaner instead. Have a read here:


The free CCleaner can be obtained from Piriform or Filehippo.

Did you get Paretologic from CNet? They often sneak in stuff.

CCleaner Piriform

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