Why is Google defaulting to Google.fr?

  TonyV 20:55 02 Jun 2013

I have noticed today that Google on my iMAC Mountain Lion is defaulting to the French site. Is it because the UK are bouncing them due to there Tax payments or is there something more sinister happening to their web search engine?


  rdave13 21:48 02 Jun 2013

Settings in the mysterious Lion no doubt. Or expensive Apple settings. Well above my affordability to know even the first thing of anything to do with Apple. Sorry.

  TonyV 22:00 02 Jun 2013


Looking on the internet it seems to have been a problem with Windows machines as well in the past. The interesting thing is that I tried it again just now and everything was as it should be. Something about the vagaries of modern technology!!


  Ian in Northampton 10:05 03 Jun 2013

Google normally identifies your IP address to direct you to what it thinks is the 'right' site. When I work in Holland, it automatically directs me to google.nl is I type in google.com. If I type in google.co.uk, though, it's usually quite happy about that.

  TonyV 15:34 03 Jun 2013

Ian in Northampton

Yes, that I know, but for some odd reason, mine started taking Google.fr as the one that is my default search engine, when before the glitch it was always google.co.uk. It is now back where it should be, and I have done nothing to change from .fr. It can only have been a glitch with the Google system.



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