why is google chrome acting up after I updated cyberlink software to media suite 12?

  SANAP 15:09 13 Dec 2014

This is a new one for me, I updated my editing software to cyberlink media suite 12, worst mistake I ever made, it came with power director 12 and as soon as I started to use it I got a message, that feature is not available update to power director 13!! anyway, now google chrome is displaying onscreen blank slots where ads should appear, happens on loads of sites, and I get goobdelygook messages as well eg

  SANAP 15:10 13 Dec 2014

  SANAP 22:32 13 Dec 2014

just an update, it appears I have sorted this glitch by uninstalling the unwanted software package that was installed when I updated to cyberlink media suite 12. There should be a law against a company selling software and then bundling unwanted stuff with it!! In a word why? I now hate that cyberlink company with a passion.

  rdave13 23:11 13 Dec 2014

SANAP , I'm surprised that Cyberlink would bundle shite with a paid for software. Always use the 'custom' install options every time when you install new software.

I would certainly email Cyberlink , customer services , and ask for recompense. Regardless of where you downloaded it.

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