Why is gmail taking so long to deliver email?

  ened 06:01 06 May 2017

On Thursday morning I sent my wife an email, that contained a link but no attachments, via gmail, using my Chrome browser, in the morning. She did not receive it until early evening.

Yesterday I sent my main email address a simple email with no content at 10:15. It did not arrive at my computer using Outlook until 17:21.

30 minutes ago I sent myself another 'test' and it has yet to arrive.

In all cases I have checked with the AOL server as well.

Any ideas?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:29 06 May 2017

Are you sending from a Gmail address to another Gmail address? It may help as well if you explain how AOL is relevant to this.

I appreciate that this doesn't help you but I sent myself a test email earlier and it was received within seconds

  ened 12:44 06 May 2017

Sorry to not explain properly: AOL is my main and only account that I access through Outlook. My gmail a/c is for online purchases etc which I use when a company wants an email address and there is a possibility of it being sold on.

I tend to only use AOL for friends and family and thus get no spam.

I received confirmation of a purchase for my wife on my gmail a/c, which I access using a browser. I then forwarded it to her but she did not receive it until several hours later. This morning I sent a test email to my AOL account from gmail. It has still not arrived.

I also use a Hotmail a/c and Yahoo. They both arrive almost simultaneously.

  Forum Editor 12:57 06 May 2017

I just send a test message from a Google mail account (via my browser) to my desktop version of Outlook.

It arrived about ten seconds later.

It's difficult to come up with any suggestions, other than waiting to see if it's being caused by a temporary problem on the email routing system - email has to make five or six hops between sender and recipient.

I'm grasping at straws here - if that was the cause it would be affecting lots of people, and these things tend to get fixed pretty quickly.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:04 06 May 2017

I received confirmation ...........on my gmail a/c, which I access using a browser. I then forwarded it to her..............

Was that to another Gmail address? If it wasn't then send yourself a test Gmail message (sent from and received by the same email address). If you receive it almost immediately then it must be a problem with AOL (and/or whoever provides your wife's email).

  ened 14:10 06 May 2017

fe: if that was the cause it would be affecting lots of people

That was one of the reasons for this post. However no one else who are on this forum appear to be experiencing the same problem.

I am going to send a message to my Yahoo & Hotmail a/cs and see.

  ened 14:30 06 May 2017

Both messages from Yahoo & Hotmail arrived almost immediately so it must be an issue with AOL and gmail. God knows what?

I have had several instances recently where people have sent me emails and they have not arrived for several hours. One of these came from an automated system whereby the action of making a booking automatically generates an email. To my knowledge none of them were from gmail. I wonder what is going on with AOL and if anybody else with AOL is experiencing this?

At least I know not to use my gmail in future.Thank you for your help.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:42 06 May 2017

Ened, AOL is now part of TalkTalk and in the past they've had awful problems with message taking hours or days to arrive so it could be the same thing affecting you.

Similar to what I advised earlier, try sending a test message to yourself using AOL this time.

  ened 16:10 06 May 2017


I can send a message to myself and it comes straight in as Outlook finishes synchronising.

This appears to be an AOL issue although I can't fathom why gmail should be delayed. Earlier I followed your advice and sent a test to Hotmail, Yahoo and another to my AOL. As I said: Hotmail & Yahoo were almost instantaneous. Bizarrely the same message appeared in my AOL Inbox after 30 minutes. However the message I sent earlier this morning has yet to arrive.

I feel that life is too short to call AOL with this issue, I shall just have to learn to be patient.

It would be good to know if anyone else with AOL experiences delays like this?

  Secret-Squirrel 17:00 06 May 2017

Ened, if you're moderately experienced at looking at email headers then examine one that was delayed. It will show you the hops involved in its journey to you plus the times. You should then be able to see where the delay occurred.

  Gordon Freeman 19:30 06 May 2017

I've had some real problems with AOL in recent times with regards email, so the OP is not alone in this. Someone can send me an email & there have been times when I've either not received it at all, or it's taken until then next day to arrive. All this via using MS Outlook 2016, or 2013. I sometimes ask the sender to resend to my BT email where it more or less arrives instantaneously.

Sometimes it's worth checking via AOL and logging in with yr username there to see if they've somehow put it into spam or whatever. I'm genuinely considering deleting the email with AOL but that then gives me another problem insofar as updating all contacts with a new email address...

I use my BT account now in the main and experience few problems with that.

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