Why is floppy disk light always on?

  Grady 21:08 18 Apr 2003

Guys, i recently changed the cable to my floppy disk drive and now the led is always on and the computer cannot read from drive a:. Any ideas what I've done wrong? There's all sorts of connectors on the same cable. I got a bit confused. Your help as always is appreciated.

  MAJ 21:10 18 Apr 2003

Make sure you haven't got the cable attached the wrong way round, it sounds as though it is.

  Djohn 21:14 18 Apr 2003

You have probably got the cable the wrong way round. That is the flat ribbon cable not the power one. J.

  LastChip 21:36 18 Apr 2003

It is just about the only cable left in a modern machine that can be connected the wrong way around.

The RED tracer line goes to Pin 1 on both the motherboard and drive. However, if you can't find Pin 1 referenced, just swap one end or the other around. It will make no difference.

  Grady 12:41 19 Apr 2003

thanks guys. I'll try it now.

  broggs 12:47 19 Apr 2003

Has the cable got a twist in it near the plug(the side which plugs into the drive).Its usually the last plug on the cable.You must use this one.

  Grady 13:58 19 Apr 2003

It worked, thanks again everyone.

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