why the flashing curser

  CHRISO21 22:29 12 Jul 2003


I switch on my laptop, it gets past the bios stage and then stops with a black screen and flashing curser as if its thinking.

Anyone know why this is please.


  -pops- 06:22 13 Jul 2003

Doesn't it go any further than that?

It is fairly normal to go to a blank screen during startup as that is the period before, and while, Windows is being loaded into memory.

If it stops at the blank page there is something seriously wrong.


  CHRISO21 16:21 13 Jul 2003

Im sorry but stating the obvious does'nt answer my question as many readers may have come to the same conclusion.Please can anyone come up with a construtive answer.


  DieSse 16:36 13 Jul 2003

Don'r understand your reply to -pops- .

Could you answer his question please. Does the system just stop there, or is it the length of time you are concerned about, or is it just curiosity>?

  DieSse 16:51 13 Jul 2003

Assuming it's stopping and going no further, try starting up in Safe Mode - if it does, then there is a software issue to address.

  Magik ®© 16:52 13 Jul 2003

pops is right in his thinking,dont know why we bother some times.

  graham√ 17:47 13 Jul 2003

xxxx list on stand-by.

  -pops- 17:56 13 Jul 2003

I really can't see why you have taken such an attitude.

My response to your query was quite reasonable in my, and several others, opinion. If you didn't like the reply perhaps you should reflect on whether you asked the right question in the first place.

Quite frankly I don't understand your comment "as many readers may have come to the same conclusion". If many readers(?) have done that, it indicates even more clearly that you are not expressing yourself well enough.

I've made a mental not of your moniker, as have several others here, and I feel that we will be united in ignoring any of your posts in the future.

  VoG II 18:13 13 Jul 2003
  Taw 18:17 13 Jul 2003

I have to concur with pops and the others here. This is a forum, were people like pops offer there advice free of charge. they never belittle anyone regardless of how trivial a question may be. Unfortunately its people that respond, as you have, that cause some of these good people not to pass on there help. Sorry to the rest of the forum for getting on my soap box, but having received some good advice in here, I dont like it to go unnoticed that you people are appreciated.


  CHRISO21 18:28 13 Jul 2003


I,m sorry to have caused offence to pops as it was not meant in that way,as with others who have shown your support I appreciate your help and general feed back as sits like this would not exist with out your knowladge and loyalty.



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