why is this file out of sequence??

  laptopdunce 14:34 05 Oct 2013

I had a folder of photos on my laptop (a decorating defore & after project) I renamed all the photos with numbers 1 to 179 of the before & after sequence, I then transferred them to my Yarvik tablet (google android operating system) while all the photos are in number sequence in the main file on the laptop when I open the folder in the tablet they are all out of sequence, why does this happen? it totally destroys the "before & after" sequence of the photos I want to show to people, all the photos show their number name but they are all out of numerical order, totally random, thanks LATOPTOPDUNCE

  wee eddie 16:04 05 Oct 2013

001 to 179

  Woolwell 16:11 05 Oct 2013

wee eddie - That shouldn't make a difference.

What order is the tablet (which I've never heard of) displaying the photos - date taken? It may well be a setting on the tablet to change display order.

  wiz-king 16:12 05 Oct 2013

Or 1001 to 1179 should do the trick. Computers work with numbers differently to humans!

  Woolwell 16:18 05 Oct 2013

Try a different app to view your photos on the tablet. My understanding is that the Photo Gallery app displays in reverse chronological order (not by file name). Try the Quickpic app.

  Woolwell 16:20 05 Oct 2013

wiz-king that won't work either as it is almost certainly down to how the tablet app displays the photos. Incidentally a computer should treat 1 - 179 in the same way as 1001 to 1179. Try it in Excel.

  laptopdunce 17:04 05 Oct 2013

Hi Woolwell, I think it is the system that the tablet is using that is causing this problem, I will have to look at it and come back to you on this, it is an android jellybean OS, these Yarvik tablets are quite common in Holland but I have seen them on UK ebay. I dont know how to find out what system the tablet displays the photos in, I will have to go into this and get back to you on this one, but as you said I dont think renaming the photos with 001 -179 or other permutations will make any difference, Its a pain though as I renamed all the photos with numerical sequence to show the "before and after" results of a decorating projoect, so that the random numerical display on the tablet totally destroys the before & after sequence, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Woolwell 18:55 05 Oct 2013

Install and try the Quickpic app from the Google store on the tablet

  laptopdunce 03:05 06 Oct 2013

Hi, I have just installed the Quickpic app. it has downloaded and it is now showing the file, but even though they are now showing by date order which is pretty much the kind of order I am looking for there is not an option for "sort" to do this by the number name of the photos, there is only "by name ascend/by name descend, by date ascend/descend. so its not really a great solution, I really need to get the file that I have on the main computer to show in the same sequence as they are on the main computer's file, very disappointing that the tablet doesnt display a file like this numeric sequence of photos EXACTLY as it is in the computer it was sent from, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Woolwell 13:41 06 Oct 2013

I'm sorry but I would have replied earlier but could not log in to this site.

Sort by name ascend. I think that your photos are "named" 1 to 179 with the number first.

  laptopdunce 16:36 06 Oct 2013

Hi, really weird this, I did that but I still got some of the "before" fotos right at the end or in the middle of the "after" photos, so I opened the Quickpic icon that has appeared on the "desktop" of the tablet, then I clicked on the option of "fix date" and then it sorted out all the fotos in the date order they were taken in, obviously being a before and after decorating project the before ones were first, then I clicked on "sort" and then "by date ascend" and now I have a relatively good "before and after" sequence, only trouble is that it doesnt actually show each room in seperate "sets" as I had re-named them with numbers on the laptop file, but I dont think I am ever going to get the sequence they show in on the laptop file, now they have been copied to the tablet, but thanks, LAPTOPDUNCE

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