Why is everything choppy???

  Mr Confused 21:20 01 Jan 2005

Lately I have had problems with my PC where if I play any sort of hi res game or even just play a DVD it will run badly. Watching DVD's is not too bad- the picture with judder every 4 seconds or so but it is watchable - but playing a game like Halo, for instance, is very frustating.

Please note, that it is nothing to do with the CD Drive as I experience this with games running of the hard drive too. I don't know for sure but I believe it is posssible something to do with a program running in the background - but what would be the best way to detect this, as I have looked under the Proceeses tab of the Windows Task Manager but I don't really know whats what?

Also, I have done a full Norton virus scan and used spysweeper but still having the same problems.

Any help would be appreciated...

  LeadingMNMs 21:29 01 Jan 2005

Whats your Hard Drive usage like ? If your drive is getting full then performance will suffer.

  mattyc_92 21:31 01 Jan 2005

First of all try "ad-adware" a free program to detect "tracking" items, spyware (which is sort of the same) and adware.... click here for info/download this program.....

Now then...This problem is more than likely something to do with a program working in the background as you said..... Use the "msconfig" command (start->run and type in msconfig) and disable some of the programs that aren't nessecary for windows to function correctly.... Do a searh on "msconfig" cause one of the threads on this subject has a link to explain if the processes are needed that someone has kindly posted!!!!

Also try a "defrag" of your system to see if this helps and try a "scandisk" scan as well!!!!

  Mr Confused 21:36 01 Jan 2005


I have a 37.2Gb hard drive of which 27.8Gb have been used and 9.36Gb remain free. Should that really make much of a difference, because that still seems quite a lot of space left.


Thanks mattyc_92 will try the above and let you know how I get on...

  mattyc_92 21:40 01 Jan 2005

No the space left doesn't make MUCH of a differnce in speed, unless you have a large disk (anything above 80gb are in this category)

  obbit 21:53 01 Jan 2005

What grafics card do you have? Memory?

  Mr Confused 21:59 01 Jan 2005

The memory is 512MB Dual Channel DDR 333 (2X256MB DIMM) and the graphics card is a 128MB nVidia GeForce4 FX5200 with DVI, Dual Monitor Support and TV-OUT via S-Video

  harps1h 22:10 01 Jan 2005

run stinger as well which be got at click here also download spybot search and destroy at
click here both of these are vital tools in keeping your system clean.they are both free.

  Mr Confused 23:06 01 Jan 2005

Thanks to everyone for your help on this - everything seems to be back to normal now.

Happy New Year to you all!!!

  GroupFC 23:53 01 Jan 2005


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