Why don't you finish what you started ?

  Belatucadrus 11:15 14 Jun 2003

A little note to people that post questions and then vanish into the ether, please let those that tried to help you know what happened. If the problems solved fine tell us what did the job, others may find it useful. If you have the answer you required USE THE GREEN TICK !

Capital letters is seen by informal forum protocol as shouting and rather rude.

  ton 12:34 14 Jun 2003

Yes, there are hundreds of threads with answers from people who try to help, but no final reply from the person with the problem.

One can only assume that the problem is solved, but by which answer?

Not finishing the thread DOESN'T exactly encourage people to help.

If people don't help, we don't have a forum.

  Forum Editor 13:53 14 Jun 2003

to do exactly what we would like them to do. Over the life of the forum we must have had dozens of threads like this one, and it would be great if each thread was ticked as resolved, but as Jester2K II says - That's life.

  Belatucadrus 15:21 14 Jun 2003

Am I going to tick this ? Of course, to fail would make me rather a hypocrite wouldn't it. FE I accept that it's life, if it got to me that much I'd have given up months ago. However a reasonably worded request for people to be polite and respond to the advice and help given FOC by forum members every day, is not I think unreasonable.

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