Why dont it get mentioned ?

  [DELETED] 23:17 05 Feb 2006

After watching the various threads about spyware/hijackers etc installing themselves on users pc's....Personally i dont get much of problem.I like to keep my system clean with various programs..But the one thing that does help when something tries to change in my startup is WINPATROL... now this has never caused me a problem,but ive not seen it mentioned recently.Now surely this little program would help some people.It runs quietly in the background and only ever pops up when something is trying to change your homepage..basically trying to hijack your browser or alter your startup,This cannot be allowed without the user's say.
I just wondered why its never mentioned.

  Minkey1 23:23 05 Feb 2006

Do Spybot Resident and MS Antispyware Real Time Protection provide similar benefits ?


  [DELETED] 23:27 05 Feb 2006

Yes Minkey i agree with you to a degree.Before microsoft launched its antispy it was known as GIANT antispy,this was very affective but not owned by microsoft...Personally i think its gone downhill a little,dont get me wrong i still use it also.I have spybot too,but winpatrol seems more effective for me.I dont see winpatrol mentioned much,and was wondering if some have problems with it or basically dont know about it.

  Minkey1 00:08 06 Feb 2006

Skidzy bookmarked it click here. Will look at it but remembering when I used AdAware Plus, I got so many overlaid boxes popping up all asking "Is this OK ?" I couldn't keep track of it all so took it off.

For me SpyBot resident & MS AntiSpyware do seem to operate side by side fairly OK. but thanks for providing another option.


  [DELETED] 00:09 06 Feb 2006

I've used Winpatrol in the past, quite effective (they could lose the small yappy dog analogy though if you ask me).I tend to use Startupmonitor myself (click here), even though it only checks on a limited number of entry points.

  [DELETED] 00:20 06 Feb 2006

Oh come now Skyver you must have loved poor little scotty the yappy dog...Nice to read the views...
Yes Minkey you are correct it does ask you to ok something if not invited to change,and the changes you make yourself....to me this worth the free download for a piece of mind.

  [DELETED] 00:32 06 Feb 2006

Perhaps a big quiet Doberman then

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