Why Doesnt Mediaplayer Work

  gcs_uk 09:57 25 Mar 2003

For some reason Windows Mediaplayer doesnt seem to work - every time i open it the toolbar at the bottom of the screen shows that it is open but the actual program doesnt open - so cant choose what music to play - anyone know why this is happening.

I have tried restarting my machine but without success.

  MAJ 10:44 25 Mar 2003

Which operating system are you using, gcs_uk?

  Stuartli 10:53 25 Mar 2003

Which version of WMP do you have?

  Stuartli 10:58 25 Mar 2003

This is the main Microsoft WMP Help section:

click here;en-us;wmp

  gcs_uk 12:02 25 Mar 2003

Downloaded the most recent version from microsoft, operating system is XP.

  Ricktos 12:14 25 Mar 2003

The executable for WMP or any of the files associated with it may be currupt or incomplete, may be worth downloading again or checking for file corruptions.

  gcs_uk 08:14 08 Apr 2003

Clicked on the link specified above butget directed to a microsoft support page which says the web page I am looking for does not exist - aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh.

How can i check for file corruptions ?

I have scoured the web for days now trying to find a solution for my problem, I have come across a number of people who are experiencing the same problem as me but as yet have found no answer.

Just to clarify my problem when I try and open my WMP, it appears in the taskbar but then that is it - if i play a videoclip I hear the sound but no image is displayed in fact mediaplayer is not displayed on my desktop at all (apart from in the taskbar).

My op system is XP and I am using WMP 9.

  muppetmark 08:22 08 Apr 2003

Have you perhaps got it set to open minimised, on the right end of media player in the taskbar there are is a small box symbol click on there see if it will open up then .

  gcs_uk 08:29 08 Apr 2003

I have tried that but nothing there when I right click on the box I get the usual options to minimise or maximise however the only ones available or "Restore" and "Maximise" - when I click on maximise I see movement very quickly to the left of my screen like a box opening (it is very quick) but nothing appears on my desktop.

Then when I next right click I have the option to minimise and when I click this I see movement very quickly from the left hand of the screen down to the mediaplayer icon in the taskbar

But still no mediaplayer.

Anyone have any other suggestions.


  toxin 11:44 08 Apr 2003

Hi gcs_uk!

Just a thought, but did you download the XP version of WMP9; there are diff. versions for various OS.


  IZZY 12:28 08 Apr 2003


This is the Read Me page for W.M.P.9

click here

You might find the answer to your problem there.

Good Luck,


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