Why does XP not see my HDD, but Win 2k can see it?

  Murray 22:53 11 Sep 2003

I'm upgrading a friends computer from windows 2000 to XP. At the moment I've got it dual booting between 2000 and XP.

One of his disks is FAT32 and the other is NTFS. In Windows 2000 disk management service (from computer management, admin tools, control panel) the disks are 'Basic disk' and 'dynamic disk' respectively. For some reason windows prefers it if all its disks are 'dynamic' tho I'm not sure how this helps. Anyway, in windows XP disk management, the FAT32 disk is basic, as it should be, but the NTFS disk is described as "Dynamic - foreign", with the option to convert it to a basic disk. Windows cannot see the data on the disk, but the hardware is there, with no problems in device manager.

I dont want to convert it to a basic disk as I will probably lose the contents...

Any ideas?

  goonerbill 09:07 12 Sep 2003

bump ^

  Murray 15:03 12 Sep 2003

cheers goonerbill

  temp003 02:37 13 Sep 2003

Is the XP the Home version or the Pro version? I think the XP Home version does not support dynamic disks, but I'll have to check.

  AndySD 02:39 13 Sep 2003

Why have you got XP on FAT32 and not its native NTFS?

  temp003 02:58 13 Sep 2003

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XP Home does not support dynamic disks, if it is XP Home you've installed.

Although XP Home has some features and functions which w2k doesn't have, overall XP Home is a "downgrade" from w2k pro. In fact there is no upgrade path from w2k pro to XP Home.

If your friend needs XP Home on the computer and access to the 2nd hdd from XP Home, he'll have to convert the dynamic disk to basic disk (losing all data on the disk during the process). Move all the data on the dynamic disk to the first hdd, then convert to basic disk (better do it in w2k), then put the data back.

Otherwise, remove XP Home. I can't really think of much that is important, which XP Home can do but w2k pro can't.

If it's XP pro which has been installed, then post back.

  Murray 16:14 14 Sep 2003


I'm learning - it IS XP home, I'll tell him to stick with 2k

cheers everyone

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