Why does 'word' take so long to load?

  dobbin 15:28 04 Feb 2008

Why does 'Word' take so long to load compared with something like 'Lotus wordpro'. When you click a 'wordpro' icon its there instantly but with 'Word' it takes for ever. Any tips for speeding it up as I'm afraid we have to use it these days as few people can open any other kind of file.

  tullie 15:32 04 Feb 2008

If your not happy with Word,use OpenOffice.

  mole44 15:34 04 Feb 2008

try my usual trick of uninstalling then reinstalling the application.in word you should have the poption of repairing it try that,you may have a corrupted file .

  PalaeoBill 15:39 04 Feb 2008

There is a packet of chocolate biscuits in it for you, if you can show me how to get OpenOffice to open a Word document faster than Word.
Truly, I want to lose the biscuits.

  dobbin 16:01 04 Feb 2008

Mole, I think 'Word' is generally slow on all computers. I don't think my installation is any slower than my home computer for instance. I just wondered why it was and if there was anything that could be disabled to speed things up.

  Graham. 16:08 04 Feb 2008

It's slow because it's a big program.

  Totally-braindead 16:15 04 Feb 2008

I haven't used Lotus Wordpro but I assume as Graham has said its slow to load because it so large. Personally it opens fairly quickly for me, I just timed it and it took 6 seconds and thats not bad.
If yours is really really slow then I think you should look elsewhere. IE have you enough memory, how many programs are running in the background etc etc.

  dobbin 16:27 04 Feb 2008

Graham, I have just timed mine. Word takes 13 seconds and wordpro one second. You probably have a state of the art super duper computer. Even so if you are busy it can be really irritating to wait even 6 seconds for something to respond.

  Graham. 17:04 04 Feb 2008

1 minute 20 seconds here.

  iscanut 17:15 04 Feb 2008

just over 2 seconds here !

  dobbin 17:16 04 Feb 2008

Graham, you have time to make a cup of tea whilst it grinds into action. Do you think there is anything we could strip out to speed up loading?

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