Why does win xp pro ask for a password on start up

  SANAP 18:48 03 Apr 2006

This as usual has me stumped. I have a dell pc 8300 model running win xp pro and from the outset I set it up for 2 users. I tend to switch it off overnight as the fan seems to keep running, room is small, so afraid it will either get too hot or burn out the fan.

Anyway most days it boots up ok but on occasions with no warning it will say " Windows is starting up"and it takes a bit longer than normal. The when it gets to the user screen it has a box next to my name asking for a password!! I enter what I think is the password I used on initial setup but I get a message that says "" GERRYS MACHINE WILL NOT START PASSWORD INCORRECT" the only way round it is to switch off and re-boot and then it goes straight to user screen and works ok.



  mammak 20:03 03 Apr 2006

Same here on XP Pro and two XP Home machines.

  SANAP 20:43 03 Apr 2006

I may have got the message wrong but if I put it the correct pw will it work and why does it ask only on the odd occasion.



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