Why does this website keep flickering at me

  PA28 19:41 24 Jun 2003

since the new server was installed? It's like living in a lighthouse - but it's this site only. Otherwise all is well - anyone else noticed this??

  PA28 19:47 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for making me feel better - but why's it happening? It's like having whole page refreshes every half minute or so and it's driving me crrrraaaazzzzyyyyy! (well, moreso than normal, anyway!)

  graham√ 19:48 24 Jun 2003

The 'Administration' is aware!

  PA28 19:51 24 Jun 2003

It's getting worse since I posted this. They're winding me up. Log Off and Coffee methinks...........

  wee eddie 19:51 24 Jun 2003

Don't ask me. I can't explain - way above my head

click here

  PA28 19:55 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for that link. And all Peter says in it is sorry ... not that he's doing anything about it. I'm going now, the coffee beckons and my trusty TFT (sorry DieSse!) needs a rest before it explodes.

  Forum Editor 20:28 24 Jun 2003

but as is often the case only some people seem to be affected. We certainly can't detect any sign of pages refreshing "every half minute or so" as you say is happening with you.

Please leave this with us, and bear in mind, when you say that it isn't happening with other sites, that you probably don't access any other sites that have so many people logging in and out and loading pages from databases at such a rate. Moving a site of this size and complexity isn't exactly a walk in the park, and there were bound to be some glitches. There's a great deal going on behind the scenes that you don't see on the screen.

  PA28 21:25 24 Jun 2003

OK Peter, that's put me in my place. Fair point, and I'm glad you're on the case. It is annoying though - and some of the other (principally Aviation orientated) sites do have a very high turnover of visitors. For info I'm suffering on IE6 ,98SE, P4 with Geoforce4 card. Hope this helps and looking forward to a flickerfree future. J

PS - if you're looking at a walk in the park, can I offer my dog.....?

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